Friday, July 30, 2010

Better late than never
Meet "Bluff Country Sizzling Summer"

I guess my name is "Sizzle",  at least that's what the lady calls me.  

I just got borned yesterday.

The lady said that my Mom waited a LONG time to have me but that she did a very good job and had me all by herself ~ with no help at all!  I don't know why she would need any help.  I did all the work!

All my Mom did was lick me 

and lick me 
and lick me some more!

I think Mom was afraid the lady wouldn't like me if I was dirty cuz when she found us the lady picked me up and carried me outside, right away.  She said it was too dirty for me to be borned in a barn! 

I don't know what that means
(cuz I'm just a new little lamb)
but I sure like it outside!  There's all sorts of neat stuff to see.

 (Do you see what I mean about the licking thing?)
You'd think her tongue would get sore!

Of course, I didn't really mind.  In fact, it felt good!
Even after I was all clean and beauteous, my Mom would still lick me every chance she got.  
I think she does it cuz she loves me.

Finally, I was perfect enough that my Mom didn't have to lick me anymore.
Don't I look beauteous? 

The lady said I'm beauteous. 

I think I'm beauteous too!

 One other REALLY nice thing that my mom did 
was show me where to get something to drink.  I was getting pretty hungry 
but I didn't know where to find food! 

My Mom is SO nice! 
She showed me right where to go.  MMMMMM!  That was GOOD!

After my tummy was fulled, I was ready to go sploring.

My Mom sure didn't like that idea!
She made funny, grunty noises and runned right after me.

The lady said my Mom was 'Poor Flash Dance'
What ever that means.

Hey ~ LOOK!
The grass is greener over on that side!
I wanted to check it out but my mom said 'not now'.
That's OK.  I was getting kind of tired, anyway.

I think my mom was too.


  1. Too cute! What a good mama and a nice spotty lamb.

  2. My heart just melted.

  3. A fittingly adorable post for a truly beauteous lamb! Boy or girl?

  4. Quite the little cutie. Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Congrats Nancy! Very cute post. It's hard to believe you are still lambing and it's almost August! I wonder how the late lambing will affect fall breeding, or maybe you plant to wait until winter to breed the ewes again? Enjoy the new baby.

  6. Congratulations to you, what a cutie pie she is. I love the little pink nose! Worth the wait :)

  7. Charming Nancy. What a darling little thing she is.

  8. What a great post and what a beautiful baby!!

  9. Oh my, that is one very, very cute lambie borned!! I just want to touch that beautiful fleece;)

  10. She is beautiful, congrats Nancy! :)

  11. Anonymous9:44 PM

    truly adorable!

  12. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Very cute lamb and story. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Anonymous11:18 PM

    She's gorgeous! Can I call dibs? Or is she already taken? I wanted a morrit, but she's just too darn cute! I'll try to call tomorrow...
    Alice, in va.

  14. Ooooh! Such a beautiful lamb! I love mama too! What a good mom. My lady needs to stop looking at all of these pretty sheep! I think she's starting to want some sheep!

  15. Awwwwww. What a cutie! And a great story too :-).

  16. She's just too cute for words. How can one resist that face?!!! :)

  17. Anonymous8:24 AM

    She is SOOO cute Mom!!!

  18. Absolutely stunning!! Saving the best for last...of course Dream may do that!

  19. Anonymous10:07 AM

    What a good mom and what a great photo essay!!!
    (of a VERY CUTE and VERY CLEAN spotted lamb). Sizzle, your mom has really good mothering instincts--runs in the family. You need to be licked lots because you have so much white and Mom wants you to just sparkle! I bet you've met your sheep grandma by now, and as (one) of your human grandmas, I hope I can meet you soon, too!


  20. What a perfect little girl. From her heart shaped nose to her markings--including the 'saddle' on her back. Why do I have this feeling she is going to be so spoiled by her mamma and perhaps her shepherd too?

  21. Anonymous1:53 PM

    O! M! G! I am on CUTE OVERLOAD!!!! That has to be the most precious post you've written in a long time! What great photos! I'm halfway to jumping in the car, and I haven't even called to see if you are around! Dutchess is still my favorite, but that little cutey is a heart-breaker! HUGS!!!!

    Katie in WI

  22. Anonymous3:48 PM

    This is Dream and her lamb, right? So glad to read all is well with mother and baby. Dream looks like she's smiling in the photos.
    Diane L./Bloomington, IN.

  23. Oh my goodness, what a little Honey! Just gorgeous. Well done Flash Dance!!! x

  24. Very pretty nancy!!!

  25. Sizzle, you definitely are beauteous! And you told a lovely store, especially for a newborn - good job!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  26. Is there a lamb beauty contest?? Very cute, and I LOVED the story :)

  27. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I just re-read this for about the thousandth time, and It struck me. You wrote the perfect children's book in one blog entry. I can sooooo imagine this as a hard-page "first book" and reading it to my little nephew over and over again. The pictures are just perfect for the words, and the whole thing makes me smile every time, and pretty soon I find myself reading it yet again.


    Katie in WI

  28. Great post and lovely lamb. Congrats to both "moms".

  29. Oh wow, he IS a late lamb, isn't he? And really beautiful. So sweet.

  30. Very beautious, indeed!!!

  31. Oh, how gorgeous and sweet! Congratulations!



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