Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It is SO Hot...

Even the sheep are sweating!

OK so maybe they're not really sweating but Alice's daughters, "Princess" (left) and "Duchess"  are damp.  It's from the morning dew.  We get so much dew around here that it keeps the pastures green, even during a drought!

Alice's son, "Duke" enjoys the cooler morning temperatures
He is such a handsome ram lamb!

I definitely want to keep one of Alice's girls.
That's Princess on the left and Duchess coming at the camera.

I just can't make up my mind which one!

I do SO love my Princess...

Duke says...

"Hey!  What about ME?"

"What am I?"

"Chopped Liver???
Of course not, Duke!  You're a very handsome ram lamb and there is already someone very much in love with you.  You may be moving to a new home very soon...

Dream says...

"Maybe THEN Flashdance and I will have our babies!
That's right ~ we're just waiting 'till there's
more room!"

(I'm still not even sure that she's pregnant!)


  1. Oh my! Duke is an absolute darling ram! Awwww!

  2. They're all really nice. :)

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    I was just catching up on your blog--was gone 4 days and then coping with my back injury, which takes up lots of time stretching and resting,and computer-related postures are all used up at work, but it IS getting better now, thanks to a combination of chiropracter, rest, massage, medicine, prayer, physical therapy and the biggest healer of all, dear kitty Sophie, who just lately has done incredible kneading paw massages and McKenzie stretches on it--it seems she knows what she's doing!!! The chiropracter was able to give me an allignment I very carefully kept in place all day yesterday by not sitting or bending much at work, but it was dear Sophie laying in the small of my back last night for 10 minutes with just the right amount of cat weight and warmth (10 pounds, 101 degree body temp) that really set it right. All other mornings I have awoken in pain as the meds wear off and it gets out of line overnight, but this morning was a lot better and it actually was still properly alligned--first time in nearly 4 weeks I woke up without my back being out of whack. God answers prayers in incredible ways.

    Wonderful photos and info on the 2010 lambs. How they are growing and changing!! Thanks for more pics and info. on Godiva's boys especially--they are great looking ram lambs along with the rest-still love Jazz's mustache. How about Razzamatazz for a name for his brother? I know, silly and probably too long--something musical but shorter--I'll rise to the challenge and think on it.

    One of the things we did up north was a farm walk where they had goats and sheep together, but they were all the "dairy wethers to grass-feed and sell in the fall for meat" kind, not a breeding flock, which makes the mineral issues much simpler, they all just get sheep minerals, so really we didn't get much new info. on keeping sheep and goats together, but her egg and meat chicken set-ups were both inspiring. There was also much teaching about pasture and quantitative scoring of hers as an example. We went back to our farm and looked at our pasture that way and thought it looked quite good--our various pasture improvements are starting to take hold--I think our future flock will like it. The fencing at the farm walk was all the latest, newest and best, probably expensive--I haven't checked prices yet and we're still deciding how many animals to fence for and whether we want a central alley or a radial design--weighing pros and cons of each. Quite frankly with my back the way it was it was difficult to imagine caring for any farm animals larger than chickens at the time, but its coming around and healing now,thank God, and I'm feeling better about everything. Take care and hope to see you soon!


  4. I like Alice's lambs. Is Dream's butt puffy at all? If it is she's probably bred!

  5. Oh, dear, it couldn't be that she's just been eating too many pumpkins - it's not that time of year yet!! What has that Dreamer been up to??!!

  6. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Nice lambs :-) Are you having any lambs next year?

  7. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Well, you know which one I'D choose! I love my beautiful, soft, fluffy Dutchess!

    I think I need to come down and wishper sweet nothings to Dreamer and Dancer and get this lambing thing going. Heck, my ankle has had enough time to heal, for cryin' out loud! ;)

    Did you all enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day today??! I know that if I was a lamb, I'd have been lamb-racing all over the place in this cooler, dryer air!


    Katie in WI

  8. I can't believe how cute that little Duke is. And I think he KNOWS it! ha.. All three Alice lambs look wonderful. It will be hard to choose for sure. Hot and humid here too, with absolutely no relief in sight. Not a real pleasant summer so far.

  9. Anonymous2:09 PM

    YEA, FLASHDANCE!!!!!!! Pictures, woman, pictures!!! ;) LOL! Yup, Dreamer is the Diva, waiting until last, so that her babies don't get usurpted!


    Katie in WI

  10. Anonymous10:01 PM




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