Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Sheep ~ Silly Sheep ~ Sunday Thoughts...

A simple post today.
Just pretty pictures of pretty sheep...

"Bluff Country Serendipity"
She has the softest fleece of all the lambs.  
It's like silk!  She's also a real lover.

Speaking of lovers...
"Bluff Country Storm Warning" has totally stolen my heart!  
He is absolutely gorgeous and I love his fleece ~ both color and handle.
His tail is a bit long for a breeding ram so I've decided that I will wether him and keep him as a fiber pet!  That means that I can spoil him and snuggle him as much as I want!

Another handsome ram lamb ~ this one suitable for breeding:
"Bluff Country Chrome"
 Chrome is growing into quite the nice boy. 
His horns are looking awesome and
he looks like he'll be modified so he will probably be Shaela!

Silly Sheep:

Chrome and Godiva's HST ram lamb,
"Bluff Country Jazz",
checking out Daisy who was taking a nap in the grass...

At first, Chrome tries to play it cool.

He slowly edges nearer, feigning nonchalance.

Until finally,
He's close enough to touch her!

She LIKES him!

Unfortunately for "Jazz"
every time he got close to Daisy, she batted him away!

Poor Jazz!

Maybe he should try saying a prayer...
(Sunday thoughts)


  1. So cute with the kitty :-)
    All the sheep are beautiful with lovely fleeces. Wish I could touch them!

  2. Chrome knows the proper way to approach the royal Cat!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. Very pretty sheep. :)

  4. LOVE the pics of Jazz with Daisy! But I don't think you meant to say "chrome and Godiva's HST Ram Lamb" did you? Chrome seems a little young to be a daddy!

  5. You're right and wrong, Katie ~
    What I was saying is that Chrome and Godiva's HST ram lamb, "Jazz" were checking out Daisy. The second lamb in the photo is Godiva's HST ram lamb. He and Chrome were checking out Daisy. Not sure how I could have worded that to make it more clear. Perhaps: Chrome, along with Godiva's HST ram lamb....?

    Thanks for pointing it out to me though ~ you know I need my 'proof-readers'! ;-)



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