Sunday, July 09, 2006

Saying Goodbye....

Before I get started ~ here's a link to the Spotted Shetlands Group's "Favorite 2006 Spotted Lamb Contest". I'm adding a perma-link to it on my side bar. That way I can have my blog back. ;-) It's been fun, but I've got sad stories to tell...

That's the Bluff Country Rams on Friday, July 7, 2006. This was the boys' last day together. On Friday, Bluff Country Skittles left for his new home, in Arizona. What a magnificent ram he is and what beautiful babies he's given me. But it's time to move on with my breeding program. We are retaining Skittles' son: "Bluff Country Apocalypse" (Paco) to continue Skittles contribution to our breeding goals. Skittles will be Senior Flock Sire at "Sheep Thrills Shetlands", in Flasgstaff, Arizona.

In spite of their rivalry, Skittles and Zorro have been good buddies, over the years. Here are some parting shots of Skittles and Zorro on their last morning together. You can't tell me that rams don't make FRIENDS....

"What are YOU looking at???" Can't a couple guys have a moment?

Dream says.......
........"Mom's crying now"


  1. I'll cry too, Nancy Great photos...
    Thanks for the moment.

  2. I know how so hard this was for you, Nancy. I can only promise that he will be loved, well cared for and kept in Animal Cookies. And I am expecting you and Don to visit - many times. You never know...maybe one of his offspring will make their way to the Bluff Country one day.
    I will love him, cherish and respect him just as you have. (Now I'm in tears)

  3. I also meant to mention that Skittles will have two young ram lambs to be a "Mentor" to when he gets here.

  4. Oh, now I'm crying too. But he'll have a great new home - I'll bet Kathy can't wait!
    We've been listening to weaning whining all weekend. "Mommy, wow, I'm a big boy now" doesn't seem like such a good idea after all...poor Cimarron...T.

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