Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh WOW ~ it's JULY!!

*** If you're looking for the Spotted Shetland Group's "Favorite 2006 Spotted Lamb Contest", scroll down to the previous entry.... ***

Time for the new Calendar page from my 2007 "REAL sheep wear SHETLAND wool" calendar.

The July photo features my Stepson, Richie, giving the ewes & lambs a "summertime treat". Rich loved to pull the branch down so the sheep could gobble up the tender leaves. The handsome moorit & white ram lamb, in the front of the picture is Paco!

We're weaning the ram lambs. It is NOT a very happy time in the Bluff Country. It is also not a very PEACEFUL time in the Bluff Country.

Dream says.....
"Where did all the boys go???"

1 comment:

  1. My DH is preparing Quarters for our boys, as well. Which reminds me that I must go next door and pre-apologize to my neighbor!
    First shots and now weaning...will my sheep ever trust me again?!



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