Tuesday, July 18, 2006



In an attempt to help raise money for my friend, BECKY who just lost her hay barn and year's supply of hay, to a devastating fire,I'm offering this photograph, titled "Ring Around The Rosie" for sale to the highest bidder. It is a framed, 8 X 10 color image. I will pay postage to send the photograph to the highest bidder. I chose this photograph because I have received many compliments on it and a number of people have asked if it was for sale. It pictures ewes in a winter storm....when they need hay the most. Please help us help Becky to keep her flock fed this coming winter.

I will leave this picture up for bids until this Friday, (July 21), at 6 p.m. at which time I will announce the winning bid. To bid on the photo, please e-mail me at: nkmajik@acegroup.cc Please put "silent auction" in the subject line.

The Minnesota Shetland Sheep Breeders Organization (MSSBO) is also offering fiber related items (and even sheep!) for sale, on the MSSBO BLOG to raise money for Becky's family and flock. Check it out, there are some great buys and new items are being added all the time!

Dream says......

...."I was so scared when I heard about Becky's fire, I had to suck Mom's thumb!!"


  1. That's nice Nancy, we all love your photographs.

  2. Nancy - I don't know how you get those pictures of Dream - is she really that much of a character? I was wondering if I can put a permanent link to your blog on mine (I FINALLY figured out how to do it!) Email me if it's not OK, OK? Tina
    P.S. Sounds like Kathy L is off to pick up Skittles - she is pretty excited! :-) T.

  3. Anonymous2:51 AM

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  4. Baby Dream pictures! Too cute......You have the prettiest lambs I've ever seen.



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