Saturday, July 22, 2006

Time Warp...

Remember back in early June, when I was posting pictures of the first halter lessons for the lambs? They were so cute and funny with their hysterical antics. Well, here are some pictures I took yesterday...

This little beauty is "Bluff Country Dusty Rose". She is the daughter of Zanex & Paco. She carries HST spotting genetics and has outstanding conformation. She is wild as the dickens! I've been trying to tame Rosie for some time now but she will NOT let me touch her. She comes close, but always keeps another sheep between herself and me. I've actually caught her a couple of times (to feel her incredibly soft fleece!) by reaching under whatever sheep Rosie was hiding behind and grabbing her leg. That's what I did yesterday. I'm pretty fast for an old, fat, lady with a droopy eye! ;-)

As you can see, Rosie was thrilled to practice her halter skills. She mastered the first and second positions VERY quickly...

Not a stubborn bone in this little beauty's body!

I've got to tell you, this little doll is one smart sheep! It didn't take my little Rosie long at all to figure out that if she came toward me, the halter didn't pull so tight and if she let me pet her, she actually got a COOKIE. I'd say within 10 minutes I had this precious ewe lamb following me for cookies and loving it when I scratched her neck!

I REALLY like this ewe lamb!

And it seems, she's rather fond of me too! Notice the halter has been removed and Rosie is choosing to stand and be petted. I think I need another moorit ewe...

...Dream says:

..."Ex-CUSE Me!!!! What's, a girl got to throw herself on the ground and have a hissy-fit to get some attention around here???"


  1. So where's her brother going?

  2. Your Wonderful Son4:35 PM

    Very nice but I can't believe you put that about being fat, old and one droopy eye. I love you much more



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