Thursday, July 27, 2006


This is ridiculous!

I was going to try to take some pictures of ram lambs to post for my "for sale" boys, but they won't move! It's in the mid 90's with humidity at close to 90% here in the Bluff Country. You can actually FEEL the water vapor evaporating from the grass!

Needless to say, I didn't try TOO long for ram lamb pictures. The girls weren't in much better moods...

Zodiak was at least happy that I turned them out into a fresh paddock where the long grass makes it easier to avoid bugs in the face!

But I think Alice wins the prize for the best "oh my God, it's HOT! face".

My Grandsons are coming out to spend the night with me tonight. The original plan was to camp out in the back yard. I think we'll "camp out" in the living room (by the air-conditioner! ) instead. The weather forecast is for more of the same ~ maybe even HOTTER this weekend...

Dream says...

..."I'm thinking now might be the time for Mom to start bringing me into the HOUSE!"


  1. Poor Dream, she really should be in the house with you, Nancy. She is too precious!

  2. I agree! She should defnitely be house-trained!

    Today, the sheep were actually begging to go into the barn, where it is a bit cooler and has shade inside. We've had 67% humidity here, which is unheard of for us!

    You're's too darned hot!

  3. Nancy: Alice is a hamm! Way cool pics of her, I love them. Her expression is priceless. I agree with her, it's too hot!

  4. I think Alice says it all! And to think it is only going to get hotter! Yikes!



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