Sunday, July 30, 2006

ALMOST perfect...

Things don't always go as we planned. Josh wasn't supposed to get sick when he and Matt spent the night at Grandma's. My wonderful niece, Brandi, was not supposed to labor for 22 HOURS in order to deliver her beautiful, baby girl. But she did. And Josh did get sick. He's better now. So's Brandi! ;-) Sometimes I just can't make everything perfect for everyone no matter HOW hard I try.

Meet "HERSHEY" (sold) and "NESTLE" ~ KitKat's twin ram-lambs, sired by Paco. They are gorgeous! Beautiful, fine, moorit fleece, very refined heads & legs, straight and square as you could hope for, perfect, fluke-shaped tails ~ except for one thing...

The wool on Nestle's tail is too long. This is a fault. It makes me sad because, in every other way, he is absolutely gorgeous. Because the shape and size of his tail are correct and some breeders say that the wooly covering might be outgrown, I've decided to still offer Nestle for sale as a breeding ram. In many other ways he has much to offer as a sire...refined bone structure, straight & square legs, beautiful, wide-sweeping horns, soft, silky fleece, a correct-size, fluke-shaped
tail with hair at the tip and HST spotting genetics! Not a bad package.

Because Nestle IS such a nice quality ram lamb, but DOES have a noticeable fault, I am offering him for a reduced price. Nestle is available for $200.00 He offers a great opportunity to get some outstanding quality, HST spotting genetics into your flock for a minimal investment. it is: the $100.00 tail:
E-MAIL me if you'd like more information or pictures of Nestle, or any of our other sheep for sale.

Dream says......."I told Mom that I bet if Nestle's girlfriends all have nice tails, like mine, he'll make LOTS of beautiful babies ~ maybe even some that look like ME, since Nestle & I have the same Daddy!!"

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  1. I am so glad to hear that everyone's doing OK! :)

    And the ram lambs are going to find the right homes - I just know it. :)



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