Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Struggling to catch up...

I'm definitely no "techie"! I've learned just enough about computers to manage to make my own blog and Web Site . I've also designed my "REAL sheep wear SHETLAND wool" T-shirts and Calendars. I came up with that "LOGO" when we were first forming the Midwest Shetlands Sheep Breeders Association (MSSBA). We were thinking about making a calendar for a fund raiser and that year a bunch of elderly women, out East, made a mint off a calendar in which they posed , scantily clad in home-made wool items or discretely hidden behind spinning wheels, knitting, etc. The name of the calendar was "WEARING WOOL". We had tossed around several ideas for a calendar for MSSBA and I suggested making one of Shetland sheep and calling it: Real Sheep Wear Shetland Wool. The idea never really took off, but I liked it and ended up making my OWN calendars and T-shirts.
I suppose I should check to see if I need to get a 'trade mark' or copy right or anything to protect the logo, but I'm not sure how any of that works... In the meantime, everyone pretty much knows that I'm the one who came up with the idea and I've sold a lot of Calendars and T-shirts. Unfortunately, I lost the software that I had the saved images on, when I bought my new computer. Now, I've got people ordering the T-shirts and couldn't remember how to make the transfer to put ON them! I think I finally have it figured out. I made a new template, using my "Ewes in the Mist" photo and also did a brand new one, using the close-up, head-shot of Paco that I like so much...

It took me all night to figure out how to get the text on the image so I haven't actually put one on a T-shirt yet. It's way past my bed-time but I'll do it tomorrow and post a picture of both the new styles tomorrow.

Dream says...

..."I think Mom should put ME on a T-shirt!!!"


  1. Dream, I think mom should put you on a T-shirt too. :-) I'd buy one for sure!

    Hey Nancy - go to this website & read about copyrights:
    I think it will answer the questions you have, and if they use one of our fleeces for the sheep to shawl at the NWW Fair, I have to re-do my sign & I'll show that you've copyrighted (?) that slogan, if that's OK T.

  2. Thank you for the link Tina! I found it very informative. Keep watching...I'm sure Dream will be on a shirt, one day... ;-)

  3. Hey, Nancy!
    Dream SHOULD be on a shirt one day! :)
    Skittles will be in MN until next month, and hopefully, the weather will be cooler then. (Of course I'd like to see him on a t-shirt!)
    Hugs, Kat



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