Thursday, August 24, 2006

Photos from Lois...

MY BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRLS! There they are, Bella Serenade and Premonition (Prima), safely ensconced in their new home at Stonehaven Shetlands in Oregon. Lois included the following note: "They say hello (Prima is speaking here), and they want you to know that they are happy in their new home.

Notice how sweet-eyed Prima is....she loves being petted. Sera likes
petting, but is feeling a little more materialistic just now, wanting
to be sure that I haven't forgotten what is important (cookies)! The
intensity of her gaze tells all...."

Now you know why I don't usually take cookies out when I visit my sheep! They really can become quite the little "Cookie Monsters"! The cookies sure work great for making friends with someone new or learning something new & scary though...I have a feeling my little girls aren't missing me one bit... ;-)

Dream says...

..."Don't worry Mom, I'll never leave you..."

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