Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Staying in touch ~

I love it when people that I sell lambs to stay in touch and let me know how "my" babies are doing. I got an e-mail today with pictures of one of my ram lambs (originally called Grand Finale) "Bluff Country Diesel" with his new owner, Debi Reida, in Washington State. Diesel made the trip with Bella Sera & Premonition last weekend. Thank you for sending the pictures Debi!

No pictures from Oregon yet, but I got an e-mail from Lois this morning. I've copied it here:
"Hi Nancy-
Your (my) girls are here safe and sound, and very content and
amazingly relaxed. Brook had been giving them cookies at stops since
yesterday when he picked them up, and they figure we are soft
touches...we put them out on grass for a little while this evening,
and they are in fine spirits.
Pine Valley seems a decent choice if they had to leave Bluff Country.
Both are as pretty and sweet as advertised. Sera is a little
monkey...quite a piece of work! Just what I like ;-) They both came
up for cookies and when I put the cookies away, Sera pawed me (no
cookie), then butted me (hmmph!). She knows me though thanks to you;
she came up to me when I sat in the grass with them for a pet, and
didn't even mind that there weren't any cookies then.
Premonition (whom I think I will call Prima...she is SO feminine) is
very sweet and after realizing that I was good for the cookies, came
up for chin scratches and gets that dreamy look in her eyes. I am in
love with both of them.

Photos tomorrow,

I'll share when I get the pictures. It makes me so happy to know that my babies have gone to such loving homes.

Speaking of loving homes...I have a cat! Her name is "Mimi". She's a 9 year old domestic short hair who needed a home. I've been thinking a lot about getting a kitten or cat, lately, so decided that maybe Mimi and I needed each other...

Since I have two (big!) house-dogs, I gave Mimi a "safe place" on top of a dresser-drawers in the master bedroom. I put a rug on top and a cat bed (which I went out and bought ~ along with a cat-nip mouse, feather balls, an electronic litter box and assorted other kitty paraphernalia). I put her food & water dish up there and Mimi enjoys her perch, high above the other household pets...

Dream says.....
..."HEY! No Fair!! How come SHE gets to be in the house?????"


  1. Oh goody, now you can go Weekend Cat Blogging :-) She's a pretty one! Tina

  2. hello nancy i love your blog i am new to shetlands in the uk and find your blog very helpful and informative i have bred babies for the first time this year and am in love with them all please keep on blogging many thanks erica

  3. Everyone should have a cat if possible. Mimi looks very plushy and cuddly.We got two kittens last month...plushy they may be, but when you cuddle them they feel like elasticated gristle inside squirming fur bags.
    Mimi will soon get your dogs whipped into shape, I expect!

  4. Welcome to being owned by a cat! And thank you for considering an older cat - they need homes too! (Just ask me...I have 6) :)

    BTW - Nancy - You never got back to me about Skit's health record...shots due? Worming due? What type wormer did you last use?

    I would love to send you pics of Skit..when he gets here. ;)

  5. hi check out my blog and see some of my boys nothing compared to yours but its a start



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