Sunday, August 13, 2006

More pictures...

This is the view from the swing in my back yard. ;-)
I was sitting there this morning, reflecting on what a nice visit I had with Linda & Pete Westover yesterday. Linda sent me some more photos! (after driving 12 hours to get home with her new lambs!) She insisted that I use at least one with ME in it....

I guess if she was kind enough to send the pictures, after driving 12 hours, the least I can do is use one.
Do you recognize the butt of the sheep right in front of me??? ;-)

I like this picture of Linda petting Bella Serenade. Linda loved her fleece.

This is one of the pictures that Pete took. It's of Whisper (Linda's lamb) and Premo. These two girls have been raised as twins, by Phoebe, who stole Whisper from her real mom, Savannah. I know that Whisper has gone to a new home where she will be just as loved as she would have right here.

I'm hoping that Linda and Pete send more pictures tomorrow. I know we took a bunch when we were sitting out with the ram lambs (and my camera batteries died).

Dream says...."Hey LOOK! They even took a picture of ME , in Mom's hat! I told told you they were nice people!!"

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  1. You are truly a lucky woman, Nancy. Beautiful sheep and lush, green grass to keep them on. Ahhhhhh...can I come live with you?



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