Saturday, August 05, 2006

Terry can spin!

This is Terry. Terry can spin. She had her first spinning lesson on Friday afternoon and was a "natural"! I've never seen a newcomer spin such consistent yarn. Terry thinks the fact that her mom had a (non-working) spinning wheel, that she used to practice treadling on, as a child, helped her pick up spinning quickly. All I know is she did great!
Actually, this picture shows Terry rethreading the yarn through the orifice ~ something she preferred to do herself (since she "had to learn how to do it anyway"). After one lesson, Terry was able to spin, check her yarn for the right amount of twist, fix it if there was too much twist, make a join, oil the wheel, change bobbins and TALK at the same time!! ;-) We had a great afternoon.

Not only was Terry interested in learning to spin, she and her husband live in the country and Terry hopes to convince the Dear, Sweet, Wonderful, man ~ father of her children and partner for life to let her raise Shetland sheep someday (soon). I did my best to talk her out of the idea, but I'm pretty sure she's determined... ;-) It does appear that Terry's Mom's spinning wheel has disappeared from her home, so she's hoping her thoughtful and considerate husband took it to be repaired so that she can spin the wool from her own some-day-to-be flock.

Regardless whether or not Terry ever gets sheep, I think I've met a new friend. I'm looking forward to getting together to spin and share fiber interests again.

Dream says....

..."I liked Terry too ~ she even gave me COOKIES!

Now if I could just get this gate open so I could go in the house with Mom"...


  1. I hope your little girl stays little all take such great talking photos of her.

  2. Kate/Massachusetts7:46 AM

    I really, really enjoy your blog! Your pictures are beautiful! Could I ask what camera you use? I am wanting to purchase a digital and would appreciate a recommendation! Thanks!

  3. Kudos on transforming another woman to a "SisterSpinner"! Good on ya, Nancy!



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