Thursday, August 10, 2006

For Lois....

This is "Bluff Country Bella Serenade".
Please pardon the smear on the photo, my lambs have a habit of sticking their noses on the camera lens! Sera will be making her home, in Oregon, with Brook and Lois Moore, later this year. I got an e-mail from Lois this morning telling me that she recently was hospitalized for pneumonia! Lois is home now, but still on oxygen and misses getting out with her sheep. Bella Sera sends her love! I send my prayers and good wishes and hope that everyone else will send positive thoughts to Lois too, so she can be fully recovered SOON!

Lambie kisses from Bella Serenade!

Dream is sticking pretty close to Rosie these days. It's like she has to always keep her eye on her.... ;-)
Although, Dream did enjoy a break from the hot, afternoon sun today when I let her borrow my visor while she was grazing. That sun's mighty bright you know!

Isn't she cute??? She actually didn't seem to mind the hat! She wore it for about a half-hour before it started sliding under her neck and I took it off. Such a fashion diva.

Dream says...

....."I might have to try sunglasses next! Did you notice, Rosie didn't get to wear Mom's hat? Just me! I'm special"....


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  2. OK, so how cute is that!
    How about a line of note cards?

  3. Rosie looks very nice I would love to get my hands on that wool. If I had hands. I know Jane loves the look of that wool.
    We must feel the wool.



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