Monday, August 07, 2006

How long will it take????

I am a very neat (as in tidy) person. Usually. I tend to keep my house quite clean. I vacuum almost every day and dust several times a week. I make my bed as soon as I get up in the morning. I like my house to look clean and inviting. I take pride in my home being very cozy and comfortable.

And then, there's my office...
Is that disgusting, or WHAT???
In spite of my husband's constant nagging
frequent, gentle reminders that the office is in disarray, I didn't realize how bad it actually was until Terry came over for her spinning lesson, last Friday. Now, I'm motivated...

This is really grotesque!!!

I'm so ashamed. In fact, I've decided that I WILL NOT POST TO MY BLOG AGAIN, UNTIL I GET THE OFFICE CLEANED. And that means until I clean it. (unless someone knows of a really cheap cleaning service that appreciates fiber arts and important papers pertaining to raising sheep)

I started last night. Got half of the desk cleaned off. I got off work early today so I'm going to really go at soon as I come in from mowing . I've GOT to do it while it's NICE outside!!! ;-)

Dream says.......
..."It's a good thing the pasture is lush, I probably won't see Mom again for a WEEK!"


  1. Oh, mygosh - & I thought only my "office" looked that bad - the problem is - my "office" is in the corner of the dining room - OOPS! Good luck, Nancy girl, you're gonna need it.
    BTW - Two swoops of ravens has had me laughing ALL day long! Thanks! T.

  2. Much of my house looks like that...

    I tried to blame the seven year old, but she's away for the summer, so it's really me and the husband who make such a mess. Sigh.

    Lucky you. Yours will only take you a week :-)

    That Dream. Just beautiful. What a face :-)

  3. Tick, tock, tick, tock...(watching the clock and calender)...We should start a pool on when we'll hear from Nancy again! :)
    Of course, I say this with a 5' table in the guest room LOADED with sheep paperwork and stuff to read! Oy!



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