Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Clean enough....

I'm back! My office is clean. (well ~ pretty much) You probably still shouldn't look in the closet but that's par for the course for me ~ Just ask Nancy Larsen about my kitchen cupboards! I can now see my desk and floor and the room looks pleasing to the eye. I'll work on the finishing touches as time permits. ;-)

Not only did I clean my office in the past couple of days ~ I also got quite a bit of spinning and mowing done as well as halter lessons with some of my lambs! I finally caught "Premonition" (Phoebe X Skittles) who is the last of my 'wild child' lambs and the only ewe lamb I have left for sale. Premo is very much a mommy's girl and sticks close to Phoebe, not wanting me to touch her. Until yesterday.

I did the old "reach under the ewe and grab the lamb's leg" trick and caught Premonition while petting Phoebe. Poor little thing was mortified! But I got a halter on her and after just holding and petting her for a few minutes, she discovered that I had animal crackers!

After that, it was a matter of minutes before Premo was following me and enjoying being petted, scratched and hand fed. I always like to end halter lessons with the lambs OFF the halter, but still standing by me. I continue to feed a few cookies and give lots of scratches and love. Here's Premo, sans halter, after her first lesson. Notice her eyes are almost shut. She walked with me back to the barn and came up for scratches when I went back out to sit with the girls, later last night.

I love it when the girls are so relaxed, when I'm petting them, that they're ears droop! ;-)

Dream says.....

...."I love it when they bow down to me in humble adoration!"

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  1. Kudo's Nancy - you've given me inspiration - maybe I'll tackle mine this weekend. Give that adorable Dream a kiss on the nose for me. :-) Tina



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