Thursday, August 03, 2006

Keep your friends close
(and your Enemies closer!)...

Paco and Bravo seem to have worked out an amicable relationship. It's cute to see how Paco has to rush over to break up any little squabble that takes place between the ram lambs. He takes his position as 'senior flock sire' very seriously.

And of course, my beautiful Dream is not the least bit happy with all the attention that Rosie's been getting lately. I did halter lessons with both girls (at the same time!) tonight. It's a contest to see who can be the closest to me...

I was going to get some T-shirts made up, but am still not feeling the greatest, so have pretty much just hung out with my girls tonight. This is my weekend to work, but I'm off tomorrow, so I'll try to get them done then. I do have a lady coming over, in the afternoon, who wants me to teach her how to spin. That should be interesting.

Dream says....

..."Mom's hoping that Rosie and I will become good friends. I wouldn't hold my breath..."


  1. I believe it's the case that young bull elephants who are prevented their normal contact with adult bulls engage in all sorts of bad behavior (like killing rhinos! :-( ), as they mature too early. When adult bulls are present, the young ones don't seem to not do this sort of stuff.

    It's interesting to think that Paco is doing his job, not letting all that burgeoning testosterone get out of hand! Reminding them that there is PLENTY of testosterone around, thankyouverymuch, and they needn't get uppity!

    (Of course I have no idea if anything similar to elephants happens in sheep, but it's interesting to think about!)

  2. That's fascinating! ;-)

  3. I got a chuckle out of the pic of Rosie and Dream...Rosie looks alomst like she has eyebrows - big busy eyebrows! :)

    It's nice to know that the boys take care fo each other! ;)

    And I do hope you are feeling better!

  4. And why is Bravo smiling in this picture? Is there something he knows that we don't? Hehehe...



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