Saturday, August 26, 2006


There she is: "Mimi" makes her debut at "Weekend Cat Bloggin"! She has decided that my office (especially when I'm IN it) is one of her favorite places to be. Here she is keeping up with my blog.

Unfortunately, for me, she particularly enjoys laying with her head ON my computer mouse. This makes accomplishing anything, on the computer, rather difficult.

I must admit, I'm really enjoying having a cat again. ;-)

Regarding the bumper sticker that I have on the base of my computer monitor ~ Mimi seems to be thinking...."yeah, but look who's in the HOUSE !"

Dream says....

"What? You're looking for ME? I didn't think anyone remembered I even existed! Anyone want a cat?????"


  1. Is "Weekend Cat Blogging" going to become an official event, then?? Because if so, you need a button for people to steal....;-)

    (Just so happens I blogged about my own two kitties this weekend anyway.)

  2. EXCELLENT idea! How about it Tina or Kat? Anybody know where I can get a 'weekend cat blogging' button?

  3. OK, Nancy...spill the beans! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BUMPER STICKER!!!! I need about three of those! :)

    And Mimi is SO cute! Now you'll have spelling problems as well. hehehe
    Maybe we should set up a VideoCatCall between her and Shadow?

  4. Maybe we should have buttons AND bumper stickers! ;-)

  5. Hi Kat ~
    I got the bumper sticker at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival a couple of years ago. I'm going to the 2006 festival in a couple of weeks. Would you like me to pick you up a couple if they have them?

  6. We could easily start up a "Weekend Cat Blogging" web ring. I checked Farmgirl's site and it doesn't look like she's made one. Do you think we should ask Susan (Farmgirl) if she'd mind, since apparently she came up with the original idea?

  7. I've been wandering on the "outside edge" of Weekend Cat Blogging for a couple of months now - there are a couple of people who are "officially" in charge of it - I had it on my blog last weekend - part of my issue is remembering to sign up - it's fun - you're on a list with a BUNCH of other people who have really fun pics of their cats. :-) Tina

  8. I am charmed, enthralled, and absolutely bemused by your wounderful family! Each of your babies obviously has a personality of their own. Now with all the work it takes to care for these little lovies.....where do you find time to spin and knit? I love to hear about the process.

  9. OK, Nancy...You never let me know...where Did you get that sticker "My Shetland Sheep Are Smarter Than Your Honor Student"???? I need about 6 of them!



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