Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lots of things...

I'm hoping that my rhododendron bush will survive it's attack of the Shetlands. There are a few, pathetic, yet determined leaves remaining on the branches. I watered and fertilized all my flowers today to give them a boost before I leave on my trip...

I'm heading for Illinois & Juliann Budde's today. Tomorrow Juliann and I are heading for the Michigan Fiber Festival. I can't wait! Of course, that means I won't be posting for a few days. So I'm filling you up with random shots today... This is my little Rosie (Bluff Country Dusty Rose). She's gone from shy girl to Miss Sweetheart (don't tell Dream I said that!). Here she is sandwiched in between two other ewes but pushing her way in for snuggles.

My beautiful Bella Serenade (shown here with her mom, Zest) will be leaving for her new home in Oregon today. I'm going to miss her! But I know that she and Premonition will be going to a very loving home with Lois & Brook Moore. Lois even decided to buy Premo too, so that Bella wouldn't have to make the trip alone! How's that for a great Mom??? ;-)

Premonition herself has become SUCH a love! From being the last of my "wild child" ewe lambs, she sure has come around. I love how fragile and delicate she looks. And she is such a sweetie. Gosh I hate to see my ewe lambs leave...

As if it's not bad enough saying good-bye to two of my favorite ewe lambs today; I have to take Hershey and Zanex with me to Illinois, to deliver them to their new owner! I can't believe I'm letting my beautiful Zanex go. But I'm so excited for her to be a foundation to a line of spotted Shetlands in Illinois. She will definitely be missed!

Terry came back for her second spinning lesson and brought her sister and nieces! Of course, they had to visit with the girls before going in to spin...
My girls are SO subtle, when it comes to introducing new people to Shetland sheep!

Speaking of spinning:Julie Chapman ~ of "Minnesota Minies" came over to practice on my , er, HER electric spinner. I warned her that it's a horribly complicated contraption and that I'm sure she'll HATE it. Unfortunately, Fortunately, Julie picked up spinning quite quickly and I'm sure will be repossesing (sp?) my HER electric spinner, shortly.

....per special request by Julie:
Dream says...."JULIE CAN SPIN!!"
(Julie asked that Dream make that official announcement) ;-)

I'll be back from my trip, sometime Monday. My Beautiful Baby Girl is coming out to take care of the animals until Saturday, and then SUPER NEIGHBOR! Julie Chapman is going to come over twice a day on Saturday and Sunday to take care of things until I return. I'll miss you guys!!!!! Have a great weekend!

Dream says......"Don't worry Mom, I'll keep an eye on things around here..."

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