Friday, August 18, 2006

A Change of Plans....

I didn't go to Juliann's or Michigan. My Jeep needed unexpected repairs and the gal picking up three of my babies to deliver them to Washington State and Oregon couldn't get here until today (Friday). I was going to try to go anyway ~ in fact loaded up the sheep I was going to deliver to Illinois and set out, at about 5 o'clock, last night. I made it about 3 miles down the road and realized that I just couldn't do it. I was already exhausted and facing a 6 1/2 hour drive, stressed from worrying about the three lambs that would be picked up today, worried about whether or not my Jeep would hold up for the trip and already short $250.00 (repairs on the Jeep). So, I turned around and came home. I put the sheep back in their paddocks, unloaded the Jeep, unpacked my stuff and RELAXED. I know I made the right decision.

As it turned out, the gal picking up the lambs was late. She picked up her brand new, goose-neck trailer at the "Feather Lite" plant in Cresco, Iowa. What a nice gal!!
Her rig was too big to pull into my driveway and have room to turn around, so she parked at the bottom of the hill.

She likes animals!
I invited the driver ~ a VERY nice young woman, named "Mona Lisa Pederson" (from Washington State) in to freshen up and she quickly made friends with my dogs Buddy and Sadie.

We went out back and Mona Lisa met the babies she would be transporting to their distant new homes. Bella Sera and Premonition were not too happy to be waiting in a pen, away from their moms. But Mona Lisa quickly made friends with the lambs (yes, we used animal crackers!) and we led them by halter, down to the trailer.

The lambs seemed quite comfortable in their freshly bedded stall in the brand new trailer. We gave them fresh water and lots of hay to keep them comfortable for the long drive ahead.

I sent along extra hay and a big jug of water as well as some rumen buffer and animal crackers to keep the little ones comfortable on their journey.

As nice as Mona Lisa and her new rig are, it was still hard to see them go...

...Dream says:

..."Mona Lisa come back! You forgot ROSIE!!!"


  1. That Dream, sure is a girl after my own heart.

  2. So, Dream - did mom cry a few tears when her babies took off in that big truck? I know I would have...Tina

  3. Dream would never tell!

  4. I wish there would have been some way Mr. Skittles would've been able to catch a ride as it looks like a wonderful "sheep transport". :)
    And I'm sorry you didn't get to go to AGM or MFF, but sometimes these things work out just the way they're supposed to - you are where you are supposed to be. ;)

  5. I wish Skit could have gone along too Kat! Hopefully, Kim will be making her trip soon....

  6. It's soooo hard to be patient! (One of the lessons I'm supposed to be learning in this Lifetime) Next time, I'll come myself! ;)



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