Monday, August 14, 2006


OK, so it's all my fault. I forgot to fasten the gate when I left the girls' paddock last night. And we got a nice, little thunder storm. Lots of wind. I guess the gate blew open. I awoke the morning (sunny, cool & beautiful!) to all my woolly ladies in the back yard....

This is what's left of my beautiful, Rhododendron bush that I planted earlier this summer.

And the remains of my glorious, Clematis...

I was surprised to see that they actually seemed to prefer the Rhododendron over the Hostas (their previous favorite)...

I even had a couple of treelings started in pots on the patio. Fortunately, I had put ONE of them up to keep it safe from the rabbits.

I must have found my wayward ladies, shortly after they made their break. They hadn't even had time to demolish all the day-lilies yet! I'm not too concerned about anyone getting sick. They've hit the Day-lilies, hostas and Clematis, many times before. The only new victim was the Rhododendron. And if they get sick from eating that, THEY DESERVE IT!!!!!

Dream says....
..."I didn't do it!! I told them not to! I think Rosie started it!!!"


  1. I just HAVE to laugh at this one! The guilty look on Dream's face says it all! :) And here I've been trying to keep my girls out of the soggy pasture because I'm afraid they'll eat the mushrooms popping up all over - yes, it's been wet enough here in No. AZ for mushrooms to sprout in my pasture! Oy!
    Bad sheep...bad sheep...very bad sheep! Aw, come 'ere and let me give you a hug! (We know how you are, Nancy!) :)

  2. Boy, when our sheep ate the rhody's they got sick & we had to give them charcoal & something else - (all I can remember was being in my good red dress holding a ewe so the vet could tube her...blecht) Glad your's are doing ok! Tina



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