Tuesday, August 29, 2006


She actually arrived on Saturday, but I didn't feel celebrating was appropriate. Here she is: my lovely Roberta Electric Spinner ~ aka: "Betty". Isn't she beautiful? Oh yeah, you can't actually SEE her in this picture...

Betty came safely snuggled into her very own carrying case. She comes complete with dual power (wall plug in AND adapter for plugging into a car cigarette lighter! (how cool is that???) Don't worry, I promise I won't spin when I'm driving.

Here she is, all unpacked and recuperating from her journey on my living room floor. It's amazing how light, DARK green carpet looks in a "flash" photograph.

Sadie approves. Now I better get my rear outside ~ DREAM'S CALLING ME!


  1. OK...spills the beans (sheep beans!), Nancy! Where did you get Betty?
    I've never tried one of these in almost 30 years of spinning...that's a crime isn't it?

  2. on E-BAY!! I bought her at auction. Paid a pretty penny too, but not near what she costs "retail". I am SO hooked on spinning this way now.... ;-)
    (it's amazing how much less HOT I get if I'm not treadling!)

  3. Thanks for the info...now I'll have to keep an eye out for one just to keep up! Ha, ha!



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