Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Wonderful Day...

Linda meets the girls... It was a glorious day in the Bluff Country! I got a phone call, early this morning, from Linda W. (of Pennsylvania), calling to tell me that she was in Wisconsin and on her way to my house. Thank God she called because I had completely forgotten that Linda and her husband, Pete, were coming to pick up the lambs they bought from me today...

What a great day! We spent HOURS just sitting in the paddock with the ewes and lambs. Of course, Linda's ewe lamb (Whisper) decided that she was going to be shy for her new mom. However Bella Serenade was quite friendly and Linda was very smitten by her. Don't worry Lois, I made it clear that Bella Sera is taken!
Zanex made quite a pest of herself was very friendly and Zest and Pete really hit it off.
Here, they're tussling for the Animal Crackers!

I think Pete would have taken Zest home (and she'd have gone!) if I'd let them.

After dinner, we visited with the boys. Crescendo (Linda's chosen ram lamb) fell completely in love with his new mom. Pictures will have to come later ~ MY CAMERA BATTERIES DIED!!!! Fortunately, Pete took some photos and said he'll send them to me. I can't believe my camera batteries died when two of my babies were leaving.... :-(

I've got to tell you. It feels good when you meet the people you're sending your babies off to live with and you just know that they are really, truly, NICE/GOOD people. If you ever get the chance to meet Linda or Pete Westover, go for it! I sure hope I get to see them again.

Dream says....
..."Linda and Pete were nice enough, but they hardly paid ANY attention to ME! What was THAT all about???"

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