Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blatant Advertising...

The time has come for me to start "marketing" my ram lambs. I hate selling my sheep. I wish I could keep them all! But I can't. So I try to find good homes for them where they will reach their full potential. Therefore, I've decided to start with my ram lambs. I'll post information about a different one, each day (or so), including photos, my assessment of his quality and his price. If you ~ or anyone you know of ~ are looking for a ram lamb to purchase, please contact me for more information, pictures, etc. Prices are firm.

Today's featured ram lamb is: "Bluff Country Black Diamond"

Diamond is the son of "Bluff Country Flash Flood" (white ewe with a black spot on the back of her neck ~ awesome fleece!) and "Windswept Bravo" (black & white, HST ram with super-wide horns and incredibly dense, soft fleece).
Diamond is a twin, black/krunet, ram lamb with outstanding conformation and could definitely be a 'show' ram as well as a flock sire. His price is $300.00

Diamond would make an excellent cross with several of the ewes that I have for sale. He and Zanex (black/iset ~ dam of HST) should definitely give you some gorgeous HST lambs as should he and Premonition (black/krunet ~ goes back to Phoebe, doubling up the White Diamond (incredible fleece!) lineage...

....Dream says:
..."I think Diamond is SO handsome!! I told Mom that I think she should KEEP him!"


  1. If I didn't live in a house with a fairly small backyard, in town, in a desert, in California, I would soooo be buying Diamond. He IS handsome. Do your other sheep resent the fact that he looks like a border collie?

  2. Nancy,



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