Wednesday, July 12, 2006

LOTS of rams................!

Bravo & Paco have settled in comfortably as the two senior rams. They seem to be enjoying the calm and having the whole pasture to themselves...

It's HOT here in the Bluff Country. And there's no shade in the paddock I have the ram lambs in. So I decided to let the ram lambs into the "big boys" pasture so they can get into the shade of the old, abandoned barn.

It really is quite cute when we put the lambs in with the mature rams. The babies are curious about everything and the big rams are curious about the babies...who tend to be quite timid around those huge horns. ;-) The adult rams will give an occasional "token butt" but never anything intended to hurt the ram lambs. In fact, it's kind of funny when the ram lambs try to butt them back!

In spite of the heat, the lambs had to explore their new pasture and the big rams had to share in the adventure. So much for 'peace & quite' and the pasture all to themselves for Paco and Bravo...

Alice's handsome son, "Paradox" (Doc) seems quite pleased with himself as he explores his new world...

Dream says.....
"Has anyone seen my sister? I can't find her ANY WHERE!"


  1. Poor girl, at least she still has her mommy. Don't you just hate breaking up sisters? me too,

  2. Poor Dream! She'll just have to settle for you, Nancy! :)

    It's been hot here too and since we, also, have no trees in the pasture, I've been putting everyone in the cool barn during the hot part of the day.'s out early in the a.m. and in the evening when the sun has retreated behind the mountain for everyone!

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