Monday, July 10, 2006

Changing of the Guard..........

Skittles isn't the only ram to leave the Bluff Country this past weekend. Sheepy Hollow Zorro has moved on to his new home in Iowa at the farm of "The Shepherd Chick". We've had Zorro since he was an adorable, little, ram-lamb and he's given me some splendid lambs. But most of my ewes are his daughters or granddaughters, so it was time for him to find a new home.

Lest you worry that we won't have any rams in the Bluff Country, here's a couple shots of the 'next generation' of flock sires....

This is "Windswept Bravo". Bravo will be our new, black & white, HST, flock sire. I selected Bravo to replace Zorro because he has excellent conformation, fleece, markings and great BIG HORNS. I like the wideswept horns that Paco and Skittles had and that was the one area that Zorro was lacking in. Zorro's horns are nice and widely spaced and wide-sweeping, but they're smaller in diameter. I happen to like the bigger "D" type horns. So, we'll cross Zorro's daughters and granddaughters on Bravo and should (knock on wood!) get what we're looking for. In the meantime, I'm betting that Rebecca will be getting some gorgeous lambs from Zorro in the coming years...

And of course, we have Skittles handsome son "Bluff Country Apocalypse" to carry on his father's legacy. Paco has already proven he can produce excellent quality, HST lambs. As hard as it is to say good-bye to the "Old Guard", I feel like we're moving in the right direction with our breeding program...

Dream says......

...."ME TOO!"


  1. Hi Nancy - I was wondering what Dream was going to say about all those handsome boys leaving her farm, but she seems to be taking it like a real woman... Tina

  2. It's a hard give up the boys you've had for so long. But I know all of them will find good homes and pass those great genes on for others. And no one ever said that breeding for a goal and culling were easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. As far as I can see, "Ya done good, Kid!" Going through all of this is just what you have to do to get to that goal and get better!
    Hugs, Kathy

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