Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Ramblings...

Last weekend it was 80 degrees and we had tornadoes. 

Today, it is snowing. 
But there will be NO PICTURES  of that.

It is Spring.

The grass is slowly  turning green.

Speaking of slow...

The "Alice Watch" is under way.

It's been so warm that some of the girls are starting to roo!

Dream actually seemed to enjoy me gently 'plucking' the loose wool from her back and shoulder.

Everyone's just hanging out.

And getting fat.

I start Physical Therapy on Monday.
I'm NOT looking forward to that!

I need to sell the Piggles.

Has anyone ever had a "Stereotactic-guided Core Needle  (breast) Biopsy"?  It appears that I need to have one.  I'm not as concerned about the actual procedure as I am about discomfort afterwards.  The material the doctor sent me home with makes it sound like I'm going to be pretty sore for up to several weeks! 

Like I haven't had enough pain already...

DREAM says...

"We'll get you through it, Mom."

You always do, Dreamer. 
You always do.


  1. My hubby had his gall bladder out Wednesday. Thursday he joked about being Vicodin Man.
    Hopefully they can give you something to help with the pain.
    Good luck and God Bless, Nancy. ♥

  2. Oh my goodness, so many great pics!! Love the one with Bella and Daisy sneaking around in the background, and Bear continues to be amazingly handsome as a white Ram (i usually like the ones with color more) and that's my new favorite Alice pic! Seems like she's getting through the last stages of preggers-ness in good spirits! I hope we can all find something to lift your spirits after the procedure. Try not to dwell on it, it'll come when it comes, and be over, and the pain will go, and it will be all a yucky memory. Love you very much Mama

  3. Okay the last Alice picture is too awesome! So actually how many ewes will be delivering lambs for you? I have a handful of sheep starting to roo away also, but shearing is this week!

  4. I've got 10 ewes expecting. At least I think I do. Last year, Dream was so fat that I thought she'd have triplets and it turned out she wasn't even pregnant! I'm trying to keep a little closer eye on 'condition' this year...

  5. Nancy, try to think of PT as a challenge to tackle, like climbing a mountain. You'll feel so EMPOWERED when it is over, and you really WILL have more power (muscle, that is)! We all know you are a strong woman; do us proud. (Shaking my cheerleader pom-poms for you!!!)

  6. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I recently had a stereotactic needle biopsy. They did not use enough lidocaine initially so I felt the first biopsy. They used more lidocaine and I was fine after that. I was a little out of it for 2 days then fine. So it was not a big deal except waiting for the results. I hope you do well. I ended up having more procedures and complicated biopsy results so you are always welcome to contact me for information about these topics. I learned a lot.

  7. Nancy, do you really have to let go of the pigs? I am looking for a couple nice American Guineas. Let me know

  8. I really do have to sell my Piggles Cynthia.

  9. I have posted privately with my information about the pigs several times. Did you get the posts?



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