Monday, April 18, 2011

Alice Watch ~ Final Countdown?

Destiny & Alice
Destiny is Alice's daughter. 
They both had triplets last year.

I have a dentist appointment this morning.

Physical therapy this afternoon.

So just a quick post ~ to keep you posted!


  1. She'll grace you with those lambs while you are away.... ;)

  2. Looks like it could happen ANY minute!!

  3. Well, when I left the pasture about 130pm, no one looked to be in labor, but Alice was eating like crazy! Destiny is a WIDE load... I couldn't believe how much wider she's gotten in the 2 weeks since I was last down. I copped a quick feel under Chance and found a small bag.... she was rediculously friendly today! Poor Dazzle never had a chance to get close to me! Pictures on my blog later.

    Katie in MN

  4. I am always thrilled when my girls have their lambs while I'm away or asleep. There's nothing better than walking out to the barn and finding a happy Mama sheep with her two, clean, dry, well fed lambs. THAT's one of the reasons I love Shetlands!

    I think Alice might still have a week to go. Her bag gets really engorged and it's not even close now. Then again, she does like to fool me every now and then. Tomorrow I'll post a picture that I took this morning, showing how close Alice's tummy is to the ground...

    Sorry I missed you Katie!

  5. I wish THIS katie was there too! I hope your awful day of doctors went ok. It must have felt absolutely wonderful to be done and come home! That's the part to cling to. The worse the day, the more amazing the coming home feels; that's how i get through rough work weeks anyway. I love my Mama

  6. Oh.. Babies, I can't wait.
    Tell the Mama's that I remember how they feel. Hope all goes well.

  7. PT wasn't anywhere near as bad as I'd feared. I told her, right up front, how I felt and she was VERY gentle and encouraging.

    I miss you too and love you SO very much, La Mia Bella Bambina...



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