Sunday, April 10, 2011

Handsome Dudes...

Bluff Country Polar Bear (white)
and Dreamcatcher Hero (HST)
have accomplished their mission in the Bluff Country

They will now be searching for new a new 'bachalor pad'.

Since I no longer keep mature rams on my place, both of these rams are now for sale.

Needless to say, both boys have excellent conformation and beautiful fleece ~ or I never would have used them on my flock.  Bear is available for $300 and Hero is $400.
Contact me  for more information or photos.

ALICE says...

"I'll be having Bear babies in about a week!  Mom's hoping for a little white ewe lamb that looks like her daddy and a grey ewe lamb that looks like a silvery grey version of ME!  I'm not telling her what's really coming.
She (and you!) will just have to wait..."

It seems that Alice is just as big of a tease as Dreamer!


  1. This may be the best ever Alice photo!

  2. Thank you Lois. I really love it as well. I also love the close up of her eyes from yesterday's post. I've got another nice one for tomorrow's post too...


  3. Aww, do the handsome boys really have to go? Wouldn't it be nice to see a big strong, cool looking (for lack of better adjectives!) ram our gaurding his ewes? In Carter's words: Sell an extra ewe, and keep one of the ones with the neat horns!

    I love that last picture of Alice, she actually looks younger. Which doesnt sound like something a person would say about a sheep. :) I guess she's glowing, sheepie style

  4. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Dream, What about you, speaking of teases? Are you REALLY going to have lambies this year??? Your friend Alice is carrying her share of the load and more--are you just going to graze and gossip and get pedicures and updos like last year or are you really doing something big with lambies? You might think you are doing more than your share with your extensive PR responsibilities, but Alice is doing her share of PR, too, and also keep in mind that lambies help a lot with the PR.


  5. Nancy you take the best pictures and I know 'your boys' will find a new place very soon!!! I hope YOU are doing well and continue to mend!!

    Take care!!

  6. Donmt you just love Alice. XXX Don



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