Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Waiting for the grass to turn green...

This is the time of year when one, warm. sunny day can change everything.

We're still waiting.
Polar Bear is looking for blades of fresh, green grass.

"Nothin here"

" We don't see any green grass, Mom"

Kiss is worried that Spring may have missed us.

"No green grass here either".

Hero is tired of waiting for the grass to turn green.

Dazzle doesn't mind as long as she gets that nice, green, alfalfa hay everyday.
"And cookies!"

Polar Bear finds 'pig roundup'  to be a pleasant way to pass the time!

Dilemma seems quite impressed...

DREAM says...

"You will call us if you find some green grass, won't you Mom?"

You bet I will, Dreamer!
Maybe tomorrow...

I'm heading out to take more pictures (for Alice updates) now...


  1. Hope that grass is greener soon guys. Love that photo of Kiss! Hope you're getting better x

  2. Such wonderful names they all have. I'm sure it will be very soon that the green grass pokes through.
    They're sure waiting for Springtime.... MOM? Can you make it happen a bit faster?

  3. That pic of Dilemma "oooing" over a very proud looking Polar Bear is hilarious! Im sorry it's still dreary in the bluff country mama, but spring didn't forget you, it's only the first week of april. We got a horrific storm here last night, Charlie and I thought the house was going to blow down! I guess it's a rough spring everywhere this year

  4. Hello Nancy!!! I've thought so many times of you and am glad that you're able to post!! I hope the healing thoughts I've been sending are getting to you--I see the ones for the green gass isn't!! I'll work on that!! :-)))

    TAKE CARE!!!

  5. Oh Nancy, they are all so beautiful. I know they will find that green grass soon. I can promise them that the grass isn’t greener over here :) LOL Hopefully, we will all see it soon. I love piggy round-up-how cute!

  6. We're getting pretty green here, but that's sometimes a bad thing. At least with horses ;-). The sheep seem pretty darn happy :-).

  7. Tee hee! I love Kiss's expression! BOING! We are waiting for the grass here too. All we have is stinky mud.

  8. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Hi Dream, We have some green grass on the South side of our house--or at least it's greener than the grass in front. It shouldn't be too long now before it all turns green--we have purple crocuses blooming, finally!!!!

    All of you and your commentary about the grass cheered me up--thanks!!! Hope I can come and visit you some time next week ;>)

    Terry, Godiva and Razz's Human



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