Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...


  1. Nice looking sheep I will put you on my favourites and drop by to see how they are doing online. Its a bit far to visit them for real from the United Kingdom. My dad used to keeep sheep when I was a boy so your blog gives pleasant memories. XXX Don

  2. Man, they're so cute! I love the one with the big, fluffy behind!

  3. Welcome Don! I hope that my flock can brighten many a day for you...

    I think you're referring to 'Destiny', Barbara. She had triplets last year and I think she's looking like she just may do so, two years in a row!

  4. Here's hoping that the warmer weather will help with your healing, your morale, and that you'll enjoy the ease of being able to go outside without full winter gear. :)

  5. Your ewes certainly look pregnant!! :) Destiny sure does look like shes carrying triplets again!!

  6. Bahahaha! At first I wondered why Dream looked so mad. Then I realized you finally gave her back her "last word" spot, on Wordless Wednesday! Hahaha! You're so mean ;) By the way, Bear looks very handsome, and like he very much knows it!

  7. Anonymous8:54 PM

    THAT'S why Dreamer looked annoyed! Destiny looks really wide in that photo. REALLY wide. Is Dazzle getting sunken? or is it just the angle?


    Katie in MN

  8. You guessed it, my Beautiful Baby Girl!
    Dream was mad enough about Alice getting the last word, two days in a row. And then to put her back on "Wordless Wednesday", did nothing to improve her mood...


    Katie ~ are you coming down this weekend?

  9. These are the most amazingly beautiful sheep.
    Great photos. Do you use the fur on the pup in the first photo. It might make lovely yarn. LOL!

  10. My lady wants to visit and lay with her head on that big, fluffy brown sheep!

  11. Hi Nancy!! I'm catching up on your 'wordless Wednesday' on Thursday!! I hope you are doing well, and so are your beautiful 4 legged family members!!!

  12. Thanks Connie! I am saving Sable & Bella (English Shepherd)'s brushed coats to blend with Shetland wool. It will probably be next fall before I actually get around to carding and blending them but I am looking forward to seeing the result!

    Isobelle, you and your Lady are BOTH welcome to visit my sheep and I'm sure they would be happy to provide pillow service...

    Thanks for the good wishes, Kim! I'm afraid I seem to have hit a plateau in my recovery and need physical therapy. I am NOT looking forward to that. Yesterday's mammogram follow-up, ultra sound and scheduled biopsy don't help much either... :-(

    It's got to get better, one of these days!



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