Saturday, April 02, 2011

The TENTH annual Alice Watch...

It's here!
The tenth (and final ?) annual "Alice Watch"

Thank Heaven there is something bright and cheery to look foorward to because the dull, drab greys and browns of early Spring are really getting to me!

I had 35 bales of lovely, green alfalfa hay delivered yesterday.  We're into the final countdown before lambing begins in the Bluff Country.

Alice & her daughter Destiny

Alice was in Polar Bear's breeding group so could lamb anytime after mid-April.

Thi will probably be my beautiful lady's last year lambing.  She's eleven years old now and I just want to give her the best care that I possibly can.

She had triplets again last year and I'm thinkin twins this year.  I'm hoping for a beautiful,  grey
ewe lamb!  Of course, with Alice, as with all of my girls, first and foremost, I'm praying for healthy moms and babies...

DREAM says...

"I may even chip in a lamb or two myself this year!  Lord knows, it was sure hard to get ino a photo last year..."


  1. Difficult indeed with all those lambs to compete with! You're still the most beautiful though. Just take a look at yourself. You're gorgeous.

  2. Anonymous5:14 PM


    I can hardly wait until the lambs start coming, and it's good to see that you are up and blogging and typing. It's quite a late spring, isn't it? One cannot have enough hay in a spring like this...
    Please keep in touch, as I will come help you during lambing. I have one to two busy weeks left at work and then will become more flexible. Hope your healing is progressing well. Nothing can be much slower than spring's arrival this year but hopefully when the grass gets green, it will get green fast.


  3. Your girls looks beautiful! Triplets? Wow- were you suprised? I'm waiting on my last 2 ewes to lamb. I expect to walk out there at anytime and find a ewe in labor or licking a baby clean. Its so much fun.

  4. I'm sure having healthy new lambs will help your healing process!!! Good to see you back - but take it slow and easy, if you know how!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. OH Alice, you beautiful thing.... I hope you and all the other mothers have good deliveries and healthy lambs. I'm praying for you.
    Nancy...Hope you're feeling better and better.
    Take care.



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