Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 Yawn!  Wake UP! We're going on an adbentur!

 Hehehehe!  Ring around my mommy!

 Oh! What's this?  I think Santa dropped it.

 Hi fuzzy lady!  Mama says to call you Gramma!

 I'm in Katie's car!  Just ME, not Sable.  (That's cause Katie said Sable puked all over her car.  I think it's because she likes me best.)  I won't puke.  Maybe I can drive, too!  Can I?  Please?

 I like this store!  The lady gave me a treat.  Everyone is so nice here; they all stop to pet me and tell me what a beautiful girl I am.

 Come this way, Katie!  I smell something good.

 Oh! Can I have one? Pleeeeeeeease?!   Yea!  She said yes, but I have to get one for Sable, too.  That's OK.  It is only fair.
 Katie went in to the store to get some croissants.  She promised to share.  I don't know what a croissant is, but I'll bet they taste good!

Dreamer says, "Excuse me?!   Where's MY adventure?"


  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!Iwant to come home SO badly. You have no idea how much I miss my animals! I am desperate to hold Destiny's little, white, ewe lamb, and to pet Destiny and thank her and tell her how very proud I am of her! I hate that I wasn't there at the delivery but LOVE the photo of Destiny introducing her babies to their Grandma.

    And then there are my dogs! I can't tell you how much I miss them.

    I am not comfortable using this computer (hence, the lack of updates) so want to keep this short. I'm hoping to be able to come home in the next day or so! The hospital is actively working to get home-health-care set up so that I can spend the next few months of recovery at home with my animals.

    In the meantime, to say that I am grateful for all of the sacrifices that my family and very special friends have made in order to keep my world going, is such a pathetic understatement. It's still hard for me to believe that we made it through the last five weeks. Now, if I can just hang on for a couple more months...

  2. I've often wondered if other people read their animals thoughts. Glad I'm not alone!

  3. You are in my thoughts Nancy. I hope that whatever has sent you back to the hospital is fixed and that you can spend this summer reclaiming your quiet life.

  4. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Hope you feel better each day and that you get home soon!

    Jean - MN

  5. Thank you for bringing the rest of us on the adventure!! Those lambs are precious, and I LOVE the one where they meet Alice. I wish my Charlie dog is so well behaved in the pet-store, but I bet Bella loves you eternally for her trip! Thanks again katie :)

  6. Nancy we're all looking forward to seeing you back with your animals. Please get better very soon xx

    It looks as though your animals are in very good hands, those lambs are so gorgeous. Keep up the good work!

  7. I'm thinking about you, Nancy, and sending you warm and healing wishes.

    Katie, thank you for sharing. I love the lambs' adbenturs and am really glad Bella got to go with you on hers (sorry Sable, maybe next time!)

    Dream, don't worry; you know you'll always be number one.

    Nancy in Iowa



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