Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I came home from work yesterday, to find my two adult rams had broken out of their breeding paddocks and were trying to kill each other in the 'no-man's-land' between the breeding groups. Fortunately, they didn't get INTO each other's breeding groups but were more interested in beating the crap out of each other than in stealing each other's girls. I was SO angry, I went right up to the battling boys, grabbed them by the horns and drug them back to their rightful paddocks. I then hurled a bucket of water on Bravo, to keep him from trying to go back through the fence to get at Paco and watched it freeze into a giant ice cube. (didn't even feel bad about it!) I spent the next hour fixing fences. It is VERY cold in Minnesota right now! Bravo had ripped a couple of wires off the electric on his paddock and it looks like Paco went through the gate of his. I was able to repair both, in a relatively short time but have decided that I do not want to keep rams if I'm going to be living alone. I don't like fencing!

"Windswept Bravo" NASSA # S19481
Bravo is a two-year old, black & white, HST (yuglet, sokket) ram with superb conformation and a dense, intermediate fleece. He sired some gorgeous lambs for me in 2006 and is bred to 4 of my girls for 2007 lambs. I kept Bravo's black/krunet ram lamb, "Bluff Country Black Diamond" ~ champion ram lamb and reserve champion ram at the 2006 Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival and have placed him with two ewe lambs for breeding this fall. Diamond will also be for sale, as I've decided to only keep ewes. Bravo is friendly but respectful (to people ~ he hates Paco!). He is halter trained and very easy to handle. His price is $600.00

Paco is a coming 3 year old, moorit & white, HST (smirslet/sokket> ram with outstanding conformation, gorgeous fleece and awesome horns. He has sired many exquisite lambs for me and has been breed to four of my girls for 2007 lambs. Paco was the first place yearling ram and Grand Champion Shetland Ram at the 2005 Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. He is a very majestic, stunning animal and makes incredible babies...With people, Paco is a lover. He comes running for scratches and wags his tail when petted. He halters beautifully and is a gem to handle. Not real fond of Bravo though.... Paco's price is $600.00

LAST BUT NOT LEAST (for today, anyway!)
"BLUFF COUNTRY BLACK DIAMOND" NASSA # S22436 Diamond is a breathtakingly beautiful, black/krunet, son of Bravo and Flash Flood. He'll throw HST spotting genetics as well as his awesome conformation and dense, soft fleece. Diamond is in with Dream and Rosie for 2007 lambs. I can't wait to see his babies! He is a delightful ram lamb. Friendly but not obnoxious. Tends to stand back and watch me work with the other sheep. He is excellent on halter and handles easily. Diamond's price is $400.00

I hope to move all three of these boys quickly. I am looking forward to just having one group of sheep to care for. MY GIRLS!!! It remains to be seen if I will even be able to keep them, but for now, I'm still hoping!

Dream says....

..."Where ever Mom goes, I go....!"

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  1. Yes, there's alot to think about when you keep rams around. They are not the nice, cuddly, friendly, sweet things the girls are. And ram behavior makes a good example for using AI! ;-)
    While I AM sorry to hear about the boys, I AM NOT sorry that you are putting your well-being first! Rams can be very dangerous even when they don't mean to be.
    And Dream, have your mom write this on your fleece - "DOG" and you should be just fine. :)
    Many hugs....



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