Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking Back ~ and Moving Forward....

I'm still kickin'!
The past couple of months have been rough. I've been to some pretty dark places. With the love and support of family and friends (thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!), I think I've finally turned the corner and am ready to look toward the future with something other than sheer terror. In fact, I'm actually looking forward with anticipation!
Before I look too far ahead though, I want to pay tribute to 2006. Can you believe I'm saying that????? I MUST be feeling better...

2006 was the year that my dream of multiple HST lambs came true. I was blessed with Dream and Wish, Trinity, Crescendo, Finale and Kokomo! To say that I was thrilled with the markings and quality of this year's lambs would be a HUGE understatement. And of course, Dream has come to hold a VERY special place in my heart.

Saying goodbye to my sheep is always hard, but I made some wonderful new friends with people that bought sheep from me this year. Friends I hope will always be part of my life.

Speaking of new friends: How about those KITTENS????
My wonderful Daisy and her sister Lily never fail to make me smile....if not outright LAUGH. They are a HOOT! I think doctors and psychologists should seriously consider prescribing kittens to people suffering from depression...

In addition to my animals and friends bringing me great joy in 2006, my children have been, as usual, incredible. I never cease to be amazed by how loving and kind (and PATIENT!) my oldest daughter is. Watching my son mature into a strong, wise, young man is VERY heartwarming, and Katie ~ my Beautiful Baby Girl ~ and my trip to Italy is more that I ever even dreamed of! Watching the three of them stand together as they bid good-bye to their father (my ex-husband, who passed away, earlier this month) I couldn't have possibly been more proud of anything.

2006 wasn't all that bad. In fact it has some downright magical moments. I am truly blessed with the most wonderful children and the world's greatest friends, as well as a heartwarming menagerie of four-footed soul mates. So, I say goodbye to 2006. I'm looking forward to 2007. I know that there are still some very difficult issues to work through ~ but I know that I can do it. With a little help from my family and friends....
GOOD-BYE 2006!

Dream says....

..."Did you MISS me???"


  1. Nancy J11:18 AM

    Oh, yes, Dream, I Did miss You! So glad your Mama posted today! Nancy, Please tell us you're keeping your sheep and going on to greater heights! I love following your sheparding. May your New Year be Bright.

  2. What Nancy said!

    I've been checking in, to see if there was news.......

    Wishing you all the best.

    ps -- is Dream's tummy a bit bulgy?????

  3. Good to hear from you, my friend. I'm happy to see you in such a great headspace ... and heart-space ... :-)

    Hugs for the New Year!

  4. Happy New Years Nancy! I know 2007 will bring you joy and peace. Your friend, Becca

    p.s. and lambing season is coming!

  5. Dream sure did get more ways than one? :)

    I know we are all so glad to see you posting again and to hear that things are starting to look up for you is wonderful news to start 2007 off right.

    When you look to the SW, Just imagine a hug....

  6. Oh, Dream, we missed you somethin' awful. It is so good to see your sweet little face and to read what your mama has to say! Give Nancy a big XOX for me, OK! T.

  7. Hey girlfriend!

    We will land on our feet in 2007, and have such a sense of accomplishment at overcoming our obstacles!

    Ps you left Kokomo off your list of HST's but I won't tell him and hurt his feelings!


  8. Kelly V5:55 PM

    Glad to see you posting again. My thoughts have been with you. Look forward to seeing you this summer for your inspection (and whatever else you come up with that needs to be done with the sheep while you have a helper there). Keep your chin up.

  9. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Hi There Nancy
    I have just spent a rainy day going through your blog entries and enjoying your flock.
    I want to say how wonderful your photography is, some were absolutely stunning the painterly ones. I certainly will be purchasing your calendar.
    I hope I'm not being presumptive but I'd like to leave you with one of the quotations I keep around.

    "it may not be your fault for being down, but it's got to be your fault for not getting up." by Steve Davis

    Your doing fine.

    Ann Jackson
    2007 is going to be great!!

  10. Terry7:26 PM

    Happy New Year Nancy, Dream and all the others, esp. the kitties!

    Dream, I missed you and all the rest A WHOLE BUNCH, esp. the kitty antics and your shepherdess, Nancy. We got really busy around here so you didn't hear much from me, but I thought of you many times, checked your blog several times, and tried to call a couple times. I will call Shepherdess Nancy so we can catch up on fiber adventures and all the other adventures--e-mail me a good time to try. (Dream, you can e-mail if Nancy is too busy, can't you? You seem to be able to do everything else!!!)

    P.S. Dream, if you e-mail me, I have a whole bunch of biscuits waiting for you!!!

    P.P.S. So glad to hear Shepherdess Nancy is feeling better and to see her posting again. I think she should do something professionally with her photography, don't you, Dream? (As long as she still has time for you, the rest of the flock, knitting, and the kitties and doggies, of course.)


  11. You guys are SO AWESOME!! THANK YOU for all your support. You inspire me. Now I'm gonna take my camera and go outside and get some pictures of my flock!!!



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