Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Daisy supervises as I download photos onto the computer

While my Lovely Lily basks in the sun on "her" lambskin rug.

It's a beautiful, sunny day so I go outside to get some new pictures of my flock. The girls are waiting for me by the gate. It's been a while since I've actually sat out with my sheep. Fortunately, they don't seem to have forgotten me.

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Of course, Dream and Rosie and Zest crowded in so close that it was hard for Alice to get close enough to get petted!

Phoebe and Flash are happy to be back together after being separated during breeding season.

Click on this photo to see how beautiful Zaria's (Shaela/iset) fleece is.

I'm never going to get the text to line up with the pictures in this post, or get rid of that blue text ~ so I think I'll just go KNIT for a while.... Happy New Year!!

Dream says.....

..."I missed you guys TOO!!!"


  1. Nancy J6:12 PM

    I don't suppose Zaria's fleece is available after this next shearing? Great to see the new pics! Happy fiber year to all!

  2. Great pictures! Nice to see the girls all back together again. Were you able to find good homes for all the boys?

  3. Actually, Zaria's fleece will be for sale. If you'd like me to reserve it for you, Nancy J., I would certainly do that.... ;-)

    It's wonderful having the girls all back together. Bravo (sale pending) and Diamond are still here but they are behaving themselves very nicely in their own pasture.

  4. Nancy J7:09 PM

    Yes, I would like that very much, to have her gorgeous fleece!



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