Thursday, January 04, 2007


Daisy and Lily are very spoiled kittens. They have their very own sheep skin rug that they love to lounge on in the master bedroom. They snuggle and cuddle and wrestle. I love having two kittens!

Dream says....

..."OK, they're cute. I don't think they need a WHOLE blog post for just them!! How about more SHEEP pictures, Mom???"


  1. Those kittens are so cute! (and spoiled too...)
    OK Dream, you are very cute also!

  2. Now you know why I have 6 cats that share their house with us. :)
    But I am a firm believer that, even though I am very well trained and cater to their every whim, I am the one who benefits most by having these creatures in my life.
    Great pictures, Nancy...I still say you should start doing that (photography) as a part-time job.

  3. I will have kittens some day!
    Cathy in MN
    PS. So good to have you posting again. You are missed!

  4. You have very photogenic kittens, and you're a talented photographer. I really liked the photo of "Lovely Lily" a couple posts back, too. I think you could sell a "Kitten Calendar for 2008!

  5. THAT's an idea!
    Thanks guys

  6. Well, echo, echo to Kathy & Michelle - what nice pictures - the little orange and white one looks like a feline Marilyn Monroe LOL - T.

  7. They are growing like weeds! I'd love a housecat, but I can't do the litterbox thing. :) I do love my barncats, though,,,

    And Nancy, thank you for linking to my blog!




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