Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Minnesota Winter....

OK. I confess. This picture was not taken today. It was actually taken, back in early December, while Paco was still in with his girls. But today looks just like this ~ except, of course for Paco, who will be making beautiful lambs, in Michigan, next year.... ;-)

All the snow that we got, earlier this week, is already gone. I'm LOVIN' feeding the sheep in a sweatshirt and sneakers! I still push the wheel barrow around the pasture to put out hay for the girls.

The temps are in the mid-40's and I just finished a beef, rib-eye steak that I cooked on the grill! UMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Dream says....

..."Mom says I can be the poster child for "EAT BEEF"!"


  1. Isn't the weather nice today? It was 44 here in NW Iowa. So Paco went to Michigan? Boy, he and Zorro really went their separate ways since Zorro is now in Missouri (I bet is even warmer there!)But I'm sure happy Zorro was able to spend the summer and fall here with me - can't wait til lambing to see his lambs!

  2. We're having a beautiful day today here as well. BUT, (there's always a "but" isn't there?) tomorrow we're supposed to get some snow - desperately needed snow! I just wish it would be deep enough to run the sheep in it to clean their lower-bits! Ha, ha!



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