Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cats, Dogs and Sheep in the Snow....

Dream says.....

..."Since when do I follow cats and dogs??????"


  1. I never saw any narration to the pix come through with your post. I've been having blogger problems too. Augh!

    It's nice to know that you are still up-right! (You who don't answer emails - or did I piss you off?) ;-)

    The sheep look great, and a little pudgy! Can't wait for spring to see all the lambs!

    Hugs from the cold, snowy SW....

  2. Aww, your kitties are growing into beautiful young ladies, aren`t they!

    And all the animals look happy in the snow on such a fine day. We never get any snow like that here...just grey slush. Too near the coast, alas.

  3. I didn't post any text, Kathy! Nothin' to say, today, I guess.... ;-)
    And OF COURSE I'm not mad at you! why on Earth WOULD I be??? I'm just terrible about answering e-mails. Sorry 'bout that. ;-)

    Yes, Spinningfishwife, the kittens are growing up. I suppose I'd better start saving for their "necessary operations". I dread the expense that that will be but don't want any cats in heat or unplanned kittens...

    Perhaps you could come visit someday. I'd love to share my home with an 'out of town' guest! I think the net would be a great way to arrange 'house-swap' vacations....

  4. Alyce not the sheep11:16 AM

    What happended to big fat Mimi?
    How are ya? Email me! Love your blogspot! The pix are great! Love You!

  5. I think you and Zodiak should come to Arizona for a change. We have snow and it's cold, but I still got a sunburn from working around the barn this weekend! through my T-shirt! It's great when the roads dry off after the snow, but there's a reason they dry off in 30 F weather...that sun'll crisp you if you aren't careful!

  6. Will she ever blog again? (sniff, sniff)

  7. Dear Nancy, your faithful blog followers are in withdrawal. We miss you and Dream!

  8. C'mon, Nancy...hit the buttons and update to the new Blogger so we can all get our "BC Fix"! :) We all miss you!

  9. Thinking about you and sending you good thoughts!

    -- Vicki in Michigan

  10. Hi Nancy - missing your blog so very much. But understanding what you are going through, and know that you need time.
    Also want to say how much I am enjoying your calendar - and hoping that you will
    be putting one together again this year.
    I'm sure that you are getting close to lambing - good luck and happy lambing!
    PS - Love the kittens - nothing like a kitten to make everything right

  11. I’m in the process of doing some massive ring maintenance for the FiberArts Bloggers ring and I am contacting you because there’s a problem you may have noticed with your code. I will go ahead and e-mail you the basic ring code now, but if you don’t get it please let me know.
    Also, your blog is in the queue at the moment, as it's been more than a month since you've posted. That's nothing personal, and as soon as you've put up another post--even a quick one just to let us know you're there--I'll be happy to move you back to the ring. :)
    Once you have your code fixed up, and/or have posted, if you want to send me a note I’d appreciate it, so I can check it out/move you back into the ring. Thanks!



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