Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's that?
You want to see SHEEP???

Well, OK then:

The boys are getting big!
This is Jim Beam, feeling frisky.

He is an awesome ram lamb!
Who should probably be separated from his mom...

Of course not all of the ram lambs are all that grown up...


Still cute as a bug and his fleece is coming in with wonderful crimp!

Both of these boys (as well as several others) are available for sale.
Email me for more information


  1. HAHAHA cute speckled lip.

  2. OhmyGOODNESS! That shot of Jim Beam nursing on his mama and then looking up one photo at those incredible - he's a BIG BOY.
    Beautiful, beautiful sheep.

  3. You know I'd take these boys if I could!! :-)) I'm getting caught up on my blog reading, and wanted to say what lovely gifts you received!! I hope you're having a good day--I've been thinking about you Nancy, and I continue to keep you in my prayers!!

  4. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Hi Nancy,
    Hope you got to your appt. on time today! I read your top intro paragraph on the blog and am glad you will be continuing the blog--all us Shepherd's Voice addicts would miss it terribly if you stopped it cold turkey. If you occasionally want an update on some of your floci in thier new homes, I think I will be able to oblige with some contributions. Hang in there!


  5. Anonymous4:46 PM

    By the way, that big Jim Beam nursing and practically lifting his mom in the air is a halarious photo--is Dilemma his mom? Looks like her. If yes, we'd better come get her soon, the way he's making with the lip in the first 2 photos ;>) So, is Rocky showing similar evidence that he's at this stage of "readiness" yet?


  6. I cant believ that's little Jim Beam!! Wow his horns got big fast.. but yes I'd say it's about time to be away from mom... eew. I'm glad there's still a little one like firecracker, but I already miss the little fluff balls I saw while I was there!



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