Sunday, August 07, 2011

The last photo of me...

...BEFORE I turned into a walking SCAB!

My wonderful "Princess" (firstborn daughter, Pam) took this picture of me with my Grandsons last week.  I love those boys SO much!  However, that is not why I'm posting the photo today .  I posted it on my CaringBridge site and introduced the boys as my "post-operative medical team".  On here,  I'm using this photo to show me before I turned into a disaster area ~ not that I look all that great in this  picture but everything is relative...

A couple of hours ago, I put my hand to my face, only to discover that I had a great, BIG  PIMPLE, right on the end of my nose!   I went into the bathroom to use the mirror to witness this atrocity, where I noticed that I not only have a rose like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, but I also have a second pimple, on the tip of my chin!  As if that weren't bad enough, I have a great, big, honking COLD SORE in the corner of my mouth.

My mastectomy is scheduled for this Wednesday morning. 
 I figure I'll be a walking scab by then!



  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    It's a wonderful photo of you and your grandchildren, Nancy. I hope your surgery goes well. From the looks of it, your 'post-operative medical team' is ready to keep you smiling and laughing.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN

  2. What a good looking team you will be looked after by...I am sorry about your outbreak on your face and hope you recover super quickly from your surgery and other treatments.
    Blessings and prayers coming your way

  3. I love the pic! And I love that the boys are your team :) Thats such a cute idea! You're going to heal up so quick with all the love. No worries about the pimpleage, it's just stress. A day of lovely narcotics and you'll be calm and smooth as a cucumber! ...well, cucumbers arent super smooth, but there isn't really another vegetable to fit that analogy! ;) Love you tons

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I haven't gotten to comment much lately, but I have been enjoying your lovely sheepie posts as always. Such beautiful photos and beautiful sheep. Its also been good to get your updates on what is going on with your health. I agree with Katie, it's just the stress of what you are going through that is causing the 'outbreak' (and we all know you are going through huge amounts of stress!). Just wanted you to know that you'll be in my prayers this week. Take care of yourself,

  5. That is a wonderful photo and needs to be framed! I often get a cold sore when I have a major stress factor in my life. I am thinking/praying for you this week and am wishing you the best!

  6. LOL!!! Oh, dear girl, it's wonderful that at this point in time, you can worry so much about a couple of pimples!

    Keep your wonderful sense of perspective, it will take you far - but I do hope that the cold sore is on its way out and non-painful by Wednesday. Although maybe a distraction is a good thing?

  7. NO SCABS! Just a big bandage. It's easier than you think and.... the monster, that we shall not call by it's nasty name, will be gone.
    I'm still here 25 years after the operation so I'm telling you from experience.... it's worth it and it works.
    Love, love, love that picture...

  8. Ah Nancy...haven't touched base with you for a long while. And now I read all this. My prayers are for you especially tomorrow. Blessings to you. I stay posted.



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