Monday, November 09, 2009

I Want To Be A COCHIN.....

OK.  So maybe  I've let the Cochins take up a lot of my time and energy, lately.  And I KNOW that this is my SHEEP blog.  But this post is NOT about the's about the "Backyard" chickens.  About "Opera" in particular.

You see, Opera apparently thinks she's a Cochin!

Or should I say that Opera WANTS to be a Cochin?

I have given up on taking her out of the Cochin pen and putting her back in with the Backyard chickens. 

She always returns to the black Cochin's pen. 

They seem to have accepted her.  Shine especially seems to have befriended Opera.
She even ROOSTS with them  at night!


Poor Opera.
Shine and Satin will be leaving for their new home, in Indiana, today.  I'm making room for more Mille Fleur Cochin breeding groups.  Perhaps Opera and Silk will strike up a friendship.

DREAM (and Catnap!) says...

"GOOFY Chickens!!"


  1. I have some of my chickens that pair up!! The same with the goats too. Your cochins are so pretty!

  2. Funny, Goofy came to my mind too ;)

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Very sweet. The creatures who know exactly what they are, in spite of what they look like, and have the courage to join their "real" people, are the most blessed of all!

  4. I love my buff orpington Rosalie, she is super friendly even though she is alpha chicken. I hope your girl Opera can find more friends again soon.

  5. I am happy to report that when I shut the barn up after work tonight (10:00) Opera and Silk were nestled together on the perch.


  6. It's interesting to think of them nestled up together at night; you know, most animals "do their thing" and go their separate ways right? (Excepting Canadian Geese and Penguins) Is this normal Chicken behavior??

  7. Love your Blog, love your chickens, love your sheep. Great pictures, cheered me up on a wet Monday morning!
    Blessings, Star



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