Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Us Girls...

So far, Zorro is behaving himself in the paddock with the chickens. Although Alice has been making it known that she would REALLY like to join him. Maybe in a couple of weeks...
In the meantime, my Ladies are enjoying the cool temps and lack of insects that Fall brings to the Bluff Country.


Godiva's beautiful daughter
Flash Dance

Zaria and Angel

Alice's elusive Destiny

DREAM says...

"Looks pretty peaceful, huh?  Yeah, well you should have seen Chance and Zest beatin' the Gee-Whiz out of each other this morning!"

Thanks for the update, Dreamer. 

Girls will be Girls...


  1. Yes, Dream, I have noticed that some of the girls are a bit "tom boyish" these days. Silly ladies!

  2. Very pretty.....Destiny.

  3. Flash Dance really is pretty, it looks like she's smiling! And I think Angel's been a favorite of mine since she was tiny, she's just so angelic! I need to talk to you so try not to be on the computer around 10:30am tomorrow k? Nothing bad, dont worry :)

  4. I forgot to mention: Alice does NOT want to go in with Zorro, she's quadruple his age! Im sorry, but add on animal years and its even worse, no no no

  5. LOL! Actually, my Dear BBG ~ Alice is standing along side the fence, making GOO-GOO eyes at Zorro and acting like a complete tramp!

    Just thought I'd let you know this wasn't MY decision...




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