Sunday, November 01, 2009


Who would have ever thought that a dozen eggs could be so Special???
The big, brown eggs are from Nick's "Goldilocks" (Buff Orpington).   The medium sized, blue-green eggs are from Josh's "Scarlet" (Ameraucana) and the little, tan eggs are from Matt's "Silk" (black, bantam Cochin). 
Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?

Another treasure that I recently acquired is this beautiful  vase, hand thrown by fellow  shepherdess (and potter!) Tonya. 

This is part of her "Eunice" line.  Click on the image to biggify and see the wonderful sheep embedded into the vase.  I love it!!

Eunice also graces this delightful yarn bowl  There's a "J" shaped opening on the side of the bowl for yarn to lead out of.

I just realized ~ I'm going to need another one of these!  I'm still working on my two color,   Mosaic  scarf/wrap.  No more yarn full of dog hair for me!!


  1. Your eggs look too pretty to crack! How can you bear it? I love your sheepy treasures, too.

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Those eggs look wonderfully diverse, don't they. I bet everyone is so proud of them. I found myself photographing some eggs the other day, after someone kindly sold us some fresh ones. Often that happens in the blogging world. We post about similar things, don't we. Amazing!
    Blessings, Star

  3. Where are you getting that lovely pottery?

  4. I haven't actually cracked any of the colored eggs (other than quite a few of the bantam cochin). I SELL them! ;-)

    Sharrie ~ if you click on the bold text "shepherdess (and potter!) Tonya." it will take you to Tonya's blog. There, you will find a link to her Etsy store!

  5. I like all your soft sheep. You have a great variety :)

  6. They are beautiful! I cant wait to come home and go find my own (which of course I will happily crack and eat :) )

  7. I can't wait to see everything on Saturday. I'll be doing a lot of Christmas shopping...for myself ;-).

    Are you eating or hatching those eggs?

  8. Yes, the eggs are beautiful. :-) More so because they are from "special" hens! In less than two weeks I get to meet the Ewenice that inspired that pottery - I'm excited!

  9. Perhaps, the next time you're home, La Mia Bella Bambina, there will be plenty of eggs for you! Just exactly WHEN might that be????


  10. Nancy - love the yarn bowls - gonna have to make some of them. Funny thing is - after reading your post, one of the yarn stores I supply my rovings and pottery to called and asked if I could make some yarn bowls. Life is funny.



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