Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Simple Beauty...

Our bitter cold temperatures have given us a reprieve.
For the past week, temps have been  much more moderate with the result being heavy fog during the evening and early morning hours.

Once the fog lifts, we are left with the most breathtakingly beautiful frost painting on the landscape:

The frost even coats the fences and the sheep.

And it lured me outside, with my camera again.
That's a GOOD thing.


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    What incredibly lovely fog/frost/snow images! Completely fairytale. Completely magical. I love all three, but doesn't fog just put the finishing mystical touch on a scene? (Yes, I've had to drive some country backroads with the door open to see the road line beside me, as there was no sign of it in front, but I still love it!) Thank you, thank you.

    Utterly beautiful transition from fog to silver-and-blue in the first two photos.

  2. Good for you for getting out there. I sat inside and thought, "Gee that looks cold." :)

  3. Just beautiful. I can't decide which I like best the 1st or the 3rd.

  4. I needed a photographer here yesterday morning! We had the same lovely frost pictures, but in addition my car's windshield was covered with teeny icy spikes, something I've never seen before (yep - my first winter in SW Iowa, although I saw lots of ice over the years in Atlanta). It looked like it was trying to be a white porcupine....


  5. I've been enjoying the fog and the hoar frost the past several days too. It's like living and driving around inside a Christmas card scene, so very pretty! Loving the warmer temps, too.

  6. Hi, I came over to your blog because a friend recommended it! I'm a spinner and knitter who lives in Southern California. I've enjoyed learning a bit about your farm. Willow from Willow's Cottage

  7. It's a VERY good thing it lured you out with your camera! Absolute gorgeous-ness.



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