Friday, January 22, 2010

It Pays to Follow Up With Grandma...

Because I keep my house so cold, when my Grandsons visit I give each of them one of my shawls to wrap up in (usually in ADDITION to their coats!).  The last time the boys were here, Nick (the youngest) asked me if I would knit him his own wrap to keep.  Of course, I said yes.

Then, like I always do, I forgot all about it.
At least I forgot about it until two weeks ago.
That's when Nick called me to ask how his 'man shawl' was coming along.

So I got out my bulkiest home-spun yarn ~ a Shetland - Mohair blend 2 plied with fawn (taupe) and light musket (off white).  I used a size 11 needle and whipped up this puppy as quickly as I could!
It has a seed stitched border and stockinett stitch body.  Nick wanted it blue so I died it blue in my Turkey Roaster!  I think it turned out pretty nice.

I hope my little man likes it!


  1. ooh! Very nice. You are very talented and have lucky grandchildren! I'm going to ask my lady for my very own goatshawl! hee hee

  2. I think it turned out VERY nicely! That's a great color for nick. I'm glad they're better sports about the cold than I was :)

  3. I'm sure he will, Nancy! (I know I do!) You're a great Grandma!! Amy at Wheely Wooly Farm

  4. Can you be my grandma? :D Lol! It looks lovely Nancy, good job as always :)

  5. Very nice! Great color :-).

  6. It is beautiful, and my favorite shade of blue. It looks like it would keep him very warm and toastie!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. Now, Rayna ~ I may be old enough to be your MOTHER (and you already have a GREAT one of those!) but I think we'd be pushing it ~ just a bit ~ with the Grandma idea...

  8. Nancy that is really beautiful. I LOVE the color!

  9. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Nancy, that looks great--love the blue and over-dyed fawn together! I whipped up a warm wool hat for myself this week, too. Still haven't started the shawl yet...


  10. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Well, it's been forever since I visited your blog- i used to pass time at work reading it, but got laid off a year ago...
    Anyway, I just wanted to say ''Hi'', and tell you how gorgeous your sheep are- it's my dream to one day own a few- but I'm in va! Oh well. Where there's a will, there's a way!
    Alice, in va.

  11. I'm sure he will! It's a beautiful shade of blue.



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