Monday, February 01, 2010

There's No Turning Back Now....

We had a visitor in the Bluff Country this past weekend.
My Dear Friend, Katie (the wonderful lady who brought Sable home to me from Tennessee) drove down for a weekend of carpentry work!  Katie is experienced with carpentry ~ and suffice it to say that I am NOT ~ so volunteered to help me build some brooder pens for all my upcoming chicks. 

OK.  I know.  This is the SHEEP blog. 
Enough about chickens!

And that is quite easy to do because it seems that Katie is totally smittinen with my lovely Shetland sheep! 

Yes, Katie's got cookies ~ but she's a total stranger to my girls so I gave her a little bribe!

Chance, of course, quickly discovered that Katie had cookies in her POCKET too!

Dream didn't think she was getting her fair share of the cookies so came back to me to complain about it...

Even Alice & Destiny accepted cookies from Katie!
(Sable was there to give Katie courage)
Actually, she LOVES to go out by the sheep.
(Sable AND Katie)

We didn't get a whole lot of building done...

But I do believe a new Shetland shepherdess has been born!

It looks like I'll be paying for my carpentry work
with a lamb!

Yup,  there's no turning back for Katie from Wisconsin!

DREAM says...

"I wouldn't count on getting a lot of building done next week either mom!"


  1. Yep, that how they get ya. The addictive little buggers.

  2. Oh Nancy the best pictures as usual! Great to hear from you! :)

  3. What are the cookies that you give your sheep? I would luv to give my shetland cross yearling ewe (who is pregnant I hope) a treat.

  4. My sheep love animal crackers. I buy 3 pound bags at Wallmart for them. I only give them treats during halter training or when there is a stranger in the pasture with me. Otherwise they are OBNOXIOUS!!!

  5. Nancy, it looks like you (or, rather, your sheep) have really made a convert out of your friend! She looks so happy with them, even if Dreamer did grumble a little.

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. THIS Katie wishes she'd been there too :) Sable looks adorable, and like a regular part of the menagerie already :) Where was Bella?

  7. You can see Bella in the picture by the fence. The one that shows the chicken barn and back of the house. Bella doesn't like to go out by the sheep unless I'm mad at them. THEN she loves to go out because she knows she gets to chase them! ;-)

    I hold the gate open and ask her if she wants to 'go by the sheep' and she just trots right into the garage! Silly girl. I guess she got tired of being butted.

  8. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Good thing Chance took matters in hand (hooves?) and started up the 2010 lambing!!! Lucky Katie--the sheep look beautiful right now and I miss you and the sheep. What a nice sunny day it was, too!


  9. Ah, the ole cookie bribe ;-). Nice pics!

  10. Yup, a new sheep addict. Congratulations on bringing one into our "flock"!! We must not stop until all the world has a sheep in their yard or in their heart!



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