Friday, February 05, 2010

Random Photos...


Bella and Sable

Sable getting to know the sheep

Sable loves spending time with the flock.  She never chases the sheep and knows to stay out of their way if they come at her, but she's not afraid.

The sheep are constantly trying to show her "who's boss" but Sable just thinks it's a game!

For the most part, the flock seems to have accepted my Sable puppy


"Dazzle" and "Chance"

Did anyone notice anything?

Even in the winter time, Daisy keeps an eye on things...

DREAM says...

"Well, SOMEBODY better!"


  1. Is that Zorro in with ALL the girls or just a few?

  2. I love the photo of the cat!

  3. Kelly N3:02 PM

    Destiny is an Alice daughter isn't she?

  4. What a gorgeous post! At first I was struck with the dogs, the second pic where bella looks so serious and grown up (not the bella I know!) and sable looks like shes trying to mimick her, but she's got all that snow on her nose :) Then the pic of Destiny is just chilling, and then the ewes kind of giving way to Alice is awesome, and finally Daisy, with your caption, was perfect. :)

  5. Lovely post :o) It's so good to see that Sable is settling in well with her charges... well, I'm sure that the ewes have alternative ideas about who is the boss of who, but just wait 'til she's full grown!

  6. Anonymous9:42 PM


    Dazzle, Destiny, and Chance certainly have grown up to be beautiful ewes! Lovely post--glad Sable is settling in so well.


  7. Beautiful! And do you get great Dream shots every freakin' time you go out or do you have a file of Dream photos to pull from? ;-)

  8. Happy Valentine's Day, Nancy!

  9. Love the photos as always - can I ask what kind of camera you use, I'm on the hunt for a new one. How long have you had shetlands?

  10. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Will you have any fleeces for sale this spring? Thanks!! Anne

  11. I WILL have fleeces for sale!
    I have some fleeces and roving available now as well... Contact me for photos and pricing @ nkmajik at

  12. I know the chickens are important, but I miss my sheeps.... and I will be contacting you for fleeses.



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