Thursday, February 25, 2010

LGD in Training....

In case you don't know:  LGD stands for
Livestock Guardian Dog.

Sable is four months old now.
She loves to spend time with the sheep and the chickens.

Most of the sheep have gotten quite trusting ~ even friendly ~ with Sable.  For those who haven't yet, Sable instinctively doesn't push things.  She seems to know how to reassure them that she means them no harm.

Sable knows that if she is patient, the sheep will come up to her...

And they do!

Sable is making friends with the sheep!

These two (Sable and Dazzle) have become quite the buddies...

Of course, some of the girls are a little more hesitant to make friends...

That's OK. 
Sable's in no hurry...

She's not going anywhere...

DREAM says:

"That Sable IS kind of growing on me!  I guess she can stay..."

Thanks, Dreamer!


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    These pictures of Sable are great!

  2. Does Sable stay out with the sheep all the time, or just part of the day/night?

  3. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Nancy -

    Well of COURSE my dog-niece and my sheep-niece get along. They just compared notes on Aunty Katie and decided they were bestest friends! LOLOL!

    Dreamer's expression reminds me of Bella's expression a few months ago!

    Katie in WI

  4. Thank you Meem. That is high praise, indeed, coming from my daughter who takes such beautiful photographs herself!

    Erica, Sable is a house dog. She sleeps in my bed or on the couch. Pretty much where ever she wants! But she loves to be outside and almost always goes out and spends time with the sheep when I leave her out. I often leave the garage door, into my backyard, open and if she's not in with the sheep, Sable can usually be found laying in a sunny spot with the chickens.

    Sable is very bonded to Bella and I but seems to just plain enjoy the company of the chickens and sheep.

  5. You hit the jackpot with Sable! Nice to see that she has been adopted into the farm family. I'm glad to hear that she is still an indoor dog, enjoying comfort (and offering it I'm sure) after a good days work.

  6. You are SO right about that, Kim! I'm much too selfish to let the sheep and/or chickens have Sable ALL the time! She and Bella play and play and play and I would be so lonely without my girls keeping me company in the house...


  7. Hi's nice to see that Sable is out AND in....I'm in the process of Pyr shopping and I'm not sure that I will be able to leave a cute little pup in the barn!!! Our rescue Pyr is a house dog but has a HUGE fenced are near some of the sheep and definitely "alerts" when something is amiss. We'll see what transpires...I guess the pup will let me know where she is the most comfortable. Some are soooooo bonded with sheep (even being born in the barn) that I guess I have to trust the pup to let me know???
    Thanks for sharing Sable with all of us....she's adorable!

  8. Marilyn9:12 AM

    Sable is growing up so fast! I love the body language she is using with the sheep. Sure of herself but not agressive. No direct eye contact. Do you find she does this with you when she sees you taking her picture?
    She is a beutiful creature.

  9. Thank you, Marilyn. I hadn't thought about the direct eye contact thing but you're right! Sable keeps an eye on where I'm at but pretty much is focused on the sheep when we're out by them. She really does seem to enjoy being with them But she also loves being in the house with me and that is her home (at least for now)! ;-)

  10. Those first pictures of sable alone, with the all white snow and just her shadow, are absolutely beautiful! It's definitely nice to see her doing so well at her "job" :)



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